pH Test Paper

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GL Green life LLC pH test strip 100 pieces/bottle
GL Green life LLC pH test strip shows you the result within 15 seconds and allows you to test with saliva and urine.



Product Description

What is pH value?
Why is it important?


pH value tests the acidity and alkalinity of your body.
pH value ranges from 0 to 14 with 0 representing acidity and 14 representing alkalinity. 7.0 to 7.4 are the optimum balance. The value smaller than 7 indicates acid environment and bigger than 7 indicates alkaline environment. If your body is in alkaline environment, it means you are in good health, otherwise, you will face higher risks of health problems.

pH test can't give an accurate and correct result at one time. To obtain correct and meaningful result, you need to test and track your PH value regularly as time passes by. We suggest that you conduct pH test twice a day and seven days in a row. Add the results and use 7 to divide the total to produce the accurate pH value.


Put the test end of pH paper in the saliva or urine. Keep it in for 15 seconds before taking it out. Comparing the color of test end to obtain the pH value.

Saliva pH Value Goal: pH value is above 6.5, beyond 7.2 if possible.
Urine pH Value Goal: pH value should be above 7.0.
If your pH value is lower than 6.5, you should follow an alkaline dietary program to keep your body in an ideal state.

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