What does USDA Mean?

The meaning of this label is as mentioned above - our freeze-dried green life wheat grass powder is certified 100% natural green product.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has set very strict standards on how to grow, harvest, process, and package organic green foods. It must be sown with organic green seeds, planted in uncontaminated soil, and watered with natural water, in line with normal plant ecosystems standard. Many products do not meet this standard. In addition, the land on which organic green food is grown must not be influenced by non-natural fertilizers and pesticides for three years, and even chemically-coated fences cannot be used around the planted land. Because these chemicals will penetrate the soil slowly and cause pollution.

This is the meaning of the USDA label. USDA has very strict standards to determine what is 100% organic green food.
GL Green life LLC have laid down very strict rules for planting, soil, irrigation water and manure.

Our products totally meet the standard of organic green food stipulated by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).


United States Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Mark

100% Organic Green Food

All ingredients are natural and pollution-free.
Any processing is free from chemical additives.
No non-natural substances are used.
Allowed with USDA label.
Must indicate the ingredients contained.

Green Food

At least 95% of the ingredients are naturally pollution-free.
5% can be unnatural (eg: vitamins, citric acid, baking soda).
All agricultural ingredients must be natural.
Allowed with USDA label.
Must indicate the ingredients contained.

Manufacturing Raw Materials Are Natural Organic

At least 70% are green organic ingredients.
The other 30% can be non-organic ingredients (eg. vitamins, citric acid, and soda ash) or non-natural agricultural products.
Not allowed with USDA label.
Must indicate the ingredients contained.

Less than 70% Natural Organic Ingredients in the Product

The content of natural organic ingredients is not limited.
No restrictions on other ingredients.
No claim standard.
Not allowed with USDA label.
Just indicate natural organic ingredients.

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