World-famous Climber — Charlie Hobbs

In the spring of 2005, the world-famous climber Charlie Hobbs cherishes only one belief --- to conquer the Everest. He took enough wheat grass Sweet Wheat products like Sweet Wheat Capsules and Sweet Wheat Skin. Under the dangerous circumstances, he starts to climb the highest mountain in the world, to confront the challenges of oxygen deficit and altitude stress and do what others have never done.

Below is a letter written by him and some photos taken by him:

In 2005, my wife and I try to climb to the summit of Everest when standing at the foot of the mountain. The temperature fell to the lowest point on a year-on-year-basis of the last ten years. Tibet shire told us that we are facing winter not spring. The lake is frozen and smooth like a mirror. The wind is roaring outside like helicopter hovering overhead. You can imagine how cold it is.

At a place with the altitude of 17500 feet, it is tough to do anything. Under this circumstance, you have to pack the most important and most valuable things into your bag. GL Green life LLC wheat grass is our first choice.

When you face the cliff of Everest, nutrition is crucial, for it can retain your energy and strength. But you lost your appetite, and can't swallow anything and there is no place to find fresh fruits and vegetables. GL Green life LLC wheat grass powder supplies us with the necessary nutrition. This nutrition easily absorbed by blood can restore our strength and relieve our altitude stress.

Based on my experiences, we recommend to you wheat grass products.

We wish that you try it and make your own decision.



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