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GL Green life LLC Wheat Grass

GL Green life LLC wheat grass contains comprehensive nutrition. Each step is completed with ultimate care.


GL Green life LLC wheat grass is the best organic seed. It grows in deep soil rich in mineral substance, irrigated with the water from deep well underground (mineral water) and exposed in natural sunshine. The fertilizer of wheat grass is totally processed from pure natural seaweed. Every piece of wheat grass is pricked when it is rich in nutrition. Before it is extracted of juice, it is carefully selected and rinsed with cool deep well water from underground.


GL Green life LLC wheat grass uses vacuum freezing & drying technology to retain its nutrition, vitamin and active enzyme at the maximum. This technology increases the purity of wheat grass juice, supplying us with enzyme, vitamin, mineral substance, amino acid and antioxidant, etc. It makes us vigorous and healthy.


GL Green life LLC wheat grass tastes like fresh wheat grass juice, saving you the trouble of growing and extracting. It supplies you with comprehensive nutrition in the form of powder.



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