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Nature's Gift – GL Green life LLC Wheat Grass

GL Green life LLC Wheat Grass

GL Green life LLC wheat grass is a type of
natural plant nourishment made of natural wheat grass after it is extracted of juice and then frozen and dried by the technology of NASA. It is widely accepted by our consumers for its fresh and sweet flavor. This product is in the form of wheat grass juice not including crude fiber. As a type of healthy food, it supplies the nourishment and mineral substance that is necessary to and easily absorbed by our body.


Fertile Soil

GL Green life LLC wheat grass is planted with natural wheat seed. The soil it grows on is natural and pollution-free, rich with mineral substance, meeting high health standards.

No Additive

Every stage, from the soil it grows on to the finished product, we strictly control the quality to retain its nutrition and preserve its freshness. GL Green life LLC wheat grass is free from additive.

Best Harvest Time

We seize the best moment to harvest wheat. Once the wheat is harvested, we store it at a low temperature and extract its juice immediately, freeze and dry it to preserve its nutrition and make sure it is fresh.

Rich in Nutrient Element

The wheat grass reserves a large amount of chlorophyll, amino acid, active enzyme, mineral substance and vitamin that is necessary to our body. Containing the essential elements for the growth and health of our body, it is natural green food with high nutritional value.


About GL Green life LLC

GL Green life LLC Wheat Grass

GL Green life LLC is headquartered in New Jersey, US, specializing in research and development of organic green nutritional food. Supported by a powerful technical team, we mainly produce green organic wheat grass and a series of products with wheat grass as its main raw materials. Having set up branch office in Hong Kong, we deliver products to you directly from the US or Hong Kong once we receive your order online.


Quality Authentication

GL Green life LLC has laid down strict rules for each step from seed implant, soil choice, to irrigation water cleansing and fertilizer choice. The whole process meets the standards of 100% organic green food implemented by United States Department of Agriculture.

Agriculture Organic Certification Mark


Oregon Agricultural Natural Green Product Certification

K Kosher Certification

100% Quality Guarantee



Consumer Feedbacks

GL Green life LLC Wheat Grass

Pure formula and a wealth of production experiences create products with outstanding effects. Our products have won good reviews from our consumers here and there. Let's share their joy and excitement!

I have taken GL Green life LLC wheat grass for almost a month. I notice that I always feel thirsty, instead of forcing myself to drink more water. I feel like drinking water during the entire day and unable to count how much water I have consumed. It isn't until one hour before going to bed that I stop drinking water. This is how thirsty I feel.

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In the spring of 2005, the world famous climber Charlie Hobbs cherishes only one belief – to conquer the Everest. He took enough wheat grass Sweet Wheat products like Sweet Wheat Capsules and Sweet Wheat Skin. Under the dangerous circumstances, he starts to climb the highest mountain in the world, to confront the challenges of oxygen deficit and altitude stress and do what others have never done.

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