Feedbacks from Customers

It tastes just like fresh wheat grass juice but even better. It has the same function. The most important reason that I use wheat grass is that it makes me energetic and radiant. Its detoxification effect is also noteworthy. Please remember that no product can be compared to wheat grass. It is a product that is launched for the first time, preventing disease, lengthening your life and giving you a more qualified life.

By the way, I am turning 51, but my body works like 28 and my face looks like 38. Nobody can tell my real age, but I can tell you this is the story of wheat grass.



Once I was desperate, because of lupus and high blood pressure. I hadn't been to work for long. Then I bought some wheat grass to try its effect. After taking wheat grass, my eating habits changed a lot. Except for taking wheat grass twice a day, I eat vegetables and fruits a lot more. I became more uncomfortable and lied in bed for two days, but I didn't stop using wheat grass. I went to the bathroom more and often had a headache. Nothing works. Until yesterday, I felt so much better and even better today. I even mixed the wheat grass powder with water to make a paste and applied the wheat grass to my face. You won't believe its miraculous effect. Since I have been sick for long, though I am only 40, I look like 60. But after using wheat grass paste on my face, my skin looks smoother and silkier. I have never felt better over these years. Thank wheat grass.



I am a 50-year-old housewife. I have had migraine, constipation, and heartburn since I was 18 years old. When I was 36, my temporomandibular joint was damaged due to a car accident. My pain decreased after the operation, but I still need to eat 8-10 tablets of aspirin every day, which is even more serious for my heartburn. After I started taking wheat grass for a week, we went to the Grand Canyon for a holiday. Although I ate everything, I only had a heartburn at night. I ate 2-4 aspirin when I needed it.

My constipation is much better, as long as I drink enough water, there is no problem. After I get home, everything becomes normal. Our family, my husband and children take wheat grass every morning during the holidays, so we are energetic when climbing, hiking and sightseeing. I really appreciate this product, thank god.



About a year ago, I played a tennis game. A friend introduced me to the wheat grass. He told me that after using wheat grass, I was all strong. Although I was an atheist, I still drunk the wheat grass powder given by him. In the next two days, I did have strength all over my body.

Since then, I ate wheat grass every day. I have found that I don't feel tired when I play tennis, and I don't need a small rest every day to restore my strength. I have never felt so healthy, it is magical and effective. Like nearly half a hundred people, I started to look at it, couldn't read the small print, and couldn't read the newspaper and the bottle. I went to see an ophthalmologist. He gave me a pair of glasses. After I wore it for 4 months, I started taking wheat grass. After using it for a month, I found that I don't need to wear glasses anymore. Suddenly I can read the small print again. Now that one year has passed, I still don't need to wear glassesThe ophthalmologist sent me a letter to let me do the annual routine check. I didn't want to go at all, but in order to see the doctor's surprised expression, I went.



I have had rheumatoid arthritis for many years. Recently, the doctor changed the medicine for me, which made me severely fatigued. The doctor insisted that I continue to take the medicine, but I am really uncomfortable. I have to lie in bed for 2-3 hours or even longer every day. Because of not feeling well, sometimes I have tomove from the lounge chair to the bed. That's when I started taking wheat grass. In less than a month, I no longer felt tired, I really benefited from wheat grass.



My new life! I started taking wheat grass because I didn't like the vitamins I bought. I felt uncomfortable. wheat grass is a natural product that contains all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients I like. It can give me energy. And not too much, I don't need to drink coffee after taking it. The first thing I wake up in the morning is to take wheat grass. I noticed that my teeth are white, and there is one unforeseen benefit. It not only stimulates my metabolism, but also suppresses my excessive appetite. I lost my habit of eating snacks. I no longer feel hungry and lost 15 pounds. My colleagues were shocked. Six people started taking wheat grass. This product is incredible. The benefits of taking it make me very Excited, I think there are many other benefits that have not yet been discovered.



I am 65 years old, thank you wheat grass. When I started taking wheat grass two months ago, I felt like I was 80 years old. I was overweight, my legs and feet were stiff, I didn't have the strength. No matter what I did, it took so much effort. I started taking wheat grass because I I know that due to eating too much, I am inactive (because of back pain), taking painkillers for 20 years, so the body is soaked with poison. After taking wheat grass, I found energy again, sleeping well, legs and feet. Hard, the body is no longer bloated and obese, but also can control appetite. The pain of back pain for decades is much better. I try my best to recommend those who want to regain their lives. I will take this product for the rest of my life. Thank you.



Woke up in the morning, my eyes opened and closed, only for a while, even a few minutes, my eyes opened again to look at the clock, I asked myself, what time? what is the date today? Is it a weekend? Can I sleep for a few more minutes? Is there any plan for today? What is it? What day is it? With these problems, I forced my mind to wake up, and this time I repeated several times, I can really wake up. But since I took the wheat grass, I woke up in the morning, my eyes would open immediately, and I was fascinated. At about the same time, my mind became very awake and entered the working state. The activities of the day were already in the mind, and I woke up. The post-sleeping state disappeared completely, and immediately went into work after waking up.

My second reaction to wheat grass was a bit awkward. I used to have constipation and was very uncomfortable. But after using wheat grass, the function of the gastrointestinal tract returned to normal and the stool was smooth, so I really liked this product. Thank you!



After taking the wheat grass, there is no sleepiness and fatigue time in the afternoon. It is delicious to dissolve the wheat grass powder into the ice water. That time I did a hysteroscopy at the hospital, and the wheat grass drove away my feeling of weakness and discomfort. I am going to swim for 2-3 hours every day, and I guarantee a lot of exercise, but after I go home, I don't need coffee or other drinks to refresh my body and restore my physical fitness. Wheat grass gives me physical and mental health and is an indispensable nutrient in my life. Product. Thank you!



I saw wheat grass at a nutrition fair 8 months ago because I was always anaemic, so I decided to use this product. I am 40 years old and have three children, 11 years old, 8 years old and 5 years old. When I was pregnant with a third child, my doctor found that I was anemia and started taking iron and multivitamins to maintain. But since I gave birth to my third child, I have been in an anemia state. However, after taking the grass for 8 months, I did a gynecological examination and blood test. The doctor found that my hemoglobin returned to normal, andsuggest that I continue taking iron. I said that I have not taken iron for a long time, but I am taking wheat grass now. I gave them the contact number and told them about the benefits of using wheat grass. My blood test results are a good proof that my cholesterol level is normal. Thank you, wheat grass, God bless you. I believe that our diet, living environment and beliefs are closely connected. The more we know, the more choices we have for life.

Besides, I gave it to my 11-year-old child. He has asthma. Since he used wheat grass, his immune function has increased, he is no longer ill, and he has committed it once in a long time. It's gone, what he wants to do now is no longer suffering from asthma. We all like wheat grass and hope that other people can take it and benefit from it.



I am taking wheat grass. I have been suffering from chronic anemia for many years. I am now 90 years old and have emphysema. My bloody results show that the red blood cell count and hemoglobin are lower than normal. The doctor said that they could do nothing. A friend told me about the benefits of taking green food, especially wheat grass. I didn't have the ability to make fresh wheat grass juice. My friend told me to buy wheat grass products. I started taking two teaspoonsof wheat grass powder daily and then one spoon a day. One month later, I have my blood measured and found that everything is normal. Thank God for letting me know this product. It gave me hope to continue living, I laid aside one box of wheat grass to make sure that there will always be products to take. Thank you, wheat grass!



Since I take wheat grass, my obvious change is that my joints are no longer red, swollen and painful. I am no longer suffering from this kind of torture. It is a miracle.



I have only taken wheat grass for a week. My feeling is obviously strong. One day I was in the swimming pool. I didn't stop even after 50 trips. I didn't feel tired and my breath was regular. Generally speaking, I can only swim 20 round trips before feeling out of breath. I feel very good and sleep better. I love wheat grass.



I am 63 years and a half, still working, teaching and teaching singing. After taking wheat grass for 10 days, I stopped taking medicine for heart disease. This is specially used to treat my left arm tremor. On the first day I stopped taking drug, I didn't get sick. It is now the eighth day. Thank god for sending me this product. I want to stop using propranolol, because it is a calcium blocker. My vision is much better. I didn't dare to drive at night, now I can. I sleep much better. It was a great relief. I used to have a runny nose. Now it's cured. My digestive function is very bad. I always have a hiccup. The result is that my esophagus hurts a lot. My heart and bladder are also very fragile because of the effect of propranlolum. I often pee on trousers at inappropriate times and places. What I write here is true. I write a lot better. It turns out that it is very difficult for me to write my own name. Because of the tremor, I consciously lick my teeth and sit down. When watching TV or lying down, my head muscles twitched for up to 5 minutes. Now it's all right. It's a miracle. Thank you very much, I am so lucky, thank you again.



Hallelujah, it is really effective! From the early 1990s, I felt that my skin smelt bad. I was seeking help from doctor everywhere, but nothing worked. I was introduced to see a psychiatrist. The doctor gave me an antidepressant medicine. I was thus turned into a depressive person. This is not the right medicine at all, and it will not cure my problems.

As time went on, my problems became more and more serious. I lost my confidence and kept changing job. Because many colleagues are not friendly to me, they simply don't understand my problem. I actually pay a lot of attention to my personal hygiene. I have always been clean.As a white-collar worker, I am in the same office with everyone. The odor on my body really affects people. I have to bathe for 20-30 minutes every morning to rub my skin, as a result my skin became very dry. Even worse, it didn't work at all. Gradually I started to leave the community, but I have to work because I have no other choice, but there is no signs of improvement for my symptoms.

I began to pray to God constantly, telling him my problem and asking him to help me. I flip through a variety of books and materials related to this, including books related to nutrition. I came across an article about zinc and magnesium that may help treat this problem. Then I started taking minerals, but the effect was not remarkable.

One day I didn't go to work, I needed a little spiritual relaxation, but I don't know how to face a new day. I changed the TV channel impatiently, then I found an advertisement about wheat grass. After reading it, I dialed the phone number on the screen. I talked to them and asked them to send me relevant information. I soon received it. I read the information from beginning to end. It seems to be very good, but I don't know if it works. I ordered a bottle of wheat grass. I started take it according to the instructions. It only took two weeks for me to notice the change. It was a miracle. If anyone having the same problem asme read this letter, I strongly suggest that they take wheat grass! You don't have to be hopeless for your faults. I am living a normal life now, don't have to escape, don't have fear. I can do whatever I want to do. Thank you wheat grass, I pray for you. I also introduced this product to my family, and they all started taking it.



I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) in March 2000. I was shocked. I went to see the oncologist. He told me everything. He said that this is an incurable disease. If my leukemia count reaches a certain level, I have to receive chemotherapy. He advises me not to spend money on medical treatment because there is no effective treatment.

Since then, I have spent a lot of time and money on various treatments. Finally, my white blood cell count has risen to 149G. My doctor told me to have chemotherapy, and I was scared. I started taking wheat grass powder three teaspoons a day, four times a day. After four and a half months, my white blood cells dropped from 149G to 84G.

I am now reducing the dosage to 2 teaspoons every time for 4 times a day. I may continue to take this amount. I suggest that everyone take wheat grass.



I eat wheat grass, I love myself. I have been with my 7th child for 8 months, and my body is very weak. At this time, my husband broke his leg again. It is really worse. I feel very bad, my body is weak, my skin looks dry and my hair falls off a lot. I was struggling with everything. At this time, I started taking wheat grass. In just 10 days, I felt that my body was full of strength. I haven't felt this great for years. Although I am still taking care of my little baby, others say that my skin is now glowing. Wheat grass has a sweet flavor and I look forward to drinking wheat grass every day.



I took wheat grass for only a month and found it to be a good thing. On a Saturday night, I had to work overtime to write something to prepare for Sunday morning. I kept writing until 4:30 in the morning to finish the work. I set the alarm clock at 7 o'clock. This will not affect my time to go to church. I don't think I can get up after 2 and a half hours, so I will sleep. I took a teaspoon of wheat grass before, and the result was not yet 7 o'clock. The alarm clock was not called yet. I woke up and felt very good. I only slept for 2 and a half hours. I felt good all day. At night or not. feel tired.

There is also a success story about wheat grass. My back molars need to be replenished. Before I filled my teeth, I licked my mouth and took wheat grass. It took only one day. My wounds would be fine and it would not hurt. It was a miracle. Especially for me, a 68-year-old man. Thank you, wheat grass.



From the late 1960s to the early 1990s, it was my glorious era, and then life began to creep down. Who knows that one day, you see yourself and ask yourself why I feel so bad, why is it weak? Where have my ideal ambitions gone? This is the accumulation of poisons in the years and changed my life. I started to drink wheat grass juice. When wheat sprouts, grow into grass, juice, the nutrients and active enzymes inside can help the body detoxify, although I take it. After the improvement reaction, but it is worth it. I no longer drink alcohol, no longer drink coffee, my mind becomes very clear.

Unfortunately, due to the busy life, I didn't have time to buy wheat grass and juice myself, but the wheat grass company's products saved my life. The company worked hard to create their products. Because of their low temperature production process, the products were completely fresh. It preserves all the nutritional value and taste.