GL Green life LLC Wheat Grass

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GL Green life LLC wheat grass is a kind of green and healthy food, supplying rich and balanced activated nutrient to keep people healthy. According to historical data, wheat grass is also called King of the Grains. Wheat grass growing for ten days is highly concentrated with integrated nutrition, way better than ripe wheat grain. Wheat grass does not contain gluten, so even those who are allergic to wheat can also take wheat grass with activated nutrient.

Nutritional Components of GL Green Life LLC Wheat grass

Amino Acid

Protein accounts for 50% of body weight in dry status, so each person should take in protein of approximately equal amount from food each day. GL Green Life LLC contains 47% protein and 17 kinds of amino acid, eight of which are indispensable to human body. The plant protein contained in GL Green Life LLC wheat grass disintegrated into amino acid which is directly and rapidly absorbed by human body.


The Benefits of Amino Acid to Human Body:

  • Keep a clear head, quick reaction, energetic and strong.
  • Enrich blood, beneficial to skin and hair.
  • Recover and strengthen immunity.
  • Activate brain, prevent muscle injury, calm nerve.
  • Has preventive effect to insomnia, high-strung nerve, mental fatigue and losing temper.
  • Improve digestion, strengthen the ability to absorb food and discharge toxin.

GL Green Life LLC wheat grass can supply abundant and balanced amino acids to human body every day.



Enzymes is crucial to human body. Everyone is born with certain types and amount of enzymes in his body. The food we take in everyday affects the amount of enzymes in our body. Unfortunately, the enzymes contained in our diet today is extremely low, no wonder diabetes, cancer and organ failure constantly harass us in today's high-tech society.


The Function of Enzymes in Human Body:

  • We must rely on enzymes to convert food into nutrition. If there are no enzymes in our body, the food we take in will soon decay and turn into toxin.
  • Toxin can exterminate free radical and turn it into harmless substance. Some common diseases such as organ damage, arthritis, cancer, coronary heart disease, cataract, intestines and stomach inflammation, erythrocyte cell damage, nervous system deterioration are all caused by the damage of cell done by the free radical.
  • Enzymes can prevent the cell of human body from aging, stimulate the cell to reborn, reconstruct hormone, muscle, blood, organ and tissue. GL Green life LLC wheat grass powder produced by NASA with the freezing and drying technology contains hundreds of kinds of enzymes that are necessary to human body.


Mineral Substance

20% of GL Green Life LLC wheat grass is mineral substance. Natural and organic wheat grass contains complete and balanced mineral substance which can be absorbed by human body and will not become burden to human body.

GL Green life LLC wheat grass contains the following mineral substance:

  • Zinc --- beneficial to skin, immune system, prostate, eyesight and loss of appetite.
  • Phosphorus --- wholesome nervous system.
  • Calcium --- keep skeleton and tooth healthy, regulate the acid and alkali concentration in blood (calcium can only be absorbed by human body when it coexists with other mineral substance. GL Green life LLC wheat grass contains the necessary mineral substance that coexists with calcium.
  • Magnesium --- keep nerve and muscle coordinated, help digestion of intestines and stomach. The calcium and magnesium contained in GL Green life LLC wheat grass is well-proportioned.



The vitamin that is necessary to human body daily can all be found in GL Green Life LLC. Wheat grass containing complete and well-proportioned vitamin is a natural and organic green food. It can be taken daily and completely absorbed. You don't need to worry about the ill-proportioned nutrition. General vitamin replenishers are hard to be absorbed by human body, but the vitamin contained in GL Green life LLC is not a matter of problem. When winter and flu season comes, we suggest that you take wheat grass along with some natural vitamin C and E.

GL Green Life LLC wheat grass can supply abundant and balanced amino acids to human body every day.

GL Green life LLC wheat grass contains the following vitamin:

  • Vitamin A (carotene)
    Carotene can only be turned into vitamin A when needed by human body. It is of great help to improve eyesight and regenerate cells. It is indispensable to our life.
  • Vitamin C
    Prevent tissue inflammation, organ failure, aging and cell death caused by the damage of cell done by the free radical.
  • Vitamin K
    Vitamin K is a type of rare vitamin which is rich in cauli flower and vegetables, crucial to blood clotting and stop bleeding.
  • Vitamin B Complex
    It calms nerves, facilitate health of nerve system, help sleep and strengthen body. The absorptivity of vitamin B contained in wheat grass is ten times higher than that of other nutritional supplement sold in the market.
  • Chlorophyll
    This type of plant blood converts the solar heat into body strength, producing healthy and pure red blood cell. Chlorophyll is a type of powerful antidote. The effect of chlorophyll contained in wheat grass is stronger than other corns, helping liver to play its role, which has over 500 functions to our body including purifying blood, helping digestion, strengthening the absorption of nutrition. In addition, chlorophyll prevents cancerogen from being absorbed by human body. GL Green Life LLC contains plentiful chlorophyll which has detoxifying effect. Taking in appropriate amount of wheat grass and eight glasses of water can help body to discharge toxin.


GL Green Life LLC Wheat Grass Ingredients Analysis Chart

The nutrition unit of GL Green life LLC is measured with milligram of each gram

The nutrient of GL Green life LLC is validated by Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Pollution Protection Commission Laboratory.


Essential Nutrient Percentage
Mineral substance 26.1
Carbohydrate 23.5
Fat 3.7
Water 0.0
Protein (disintegrated into amino acid) 46.7



Nutritional Ingredient Milligram by Each Gram
Amino Acid Necessary to Human Body
Alanine 24.8
Arginine 22.1
Aspartic Acid 46.9
Glutamic Acid 77.4
Isoleucine 15.8
Phenylalanine 19.8
Proline 17.1
Threonine 14.8



Nutritional Ingredient Milligram by Each Gram
Non-basic Amino Acid
Glycine 20.4
Histidine 7.4
Leucine 31.5
Llysine 22.6
Methionine 3.5
Green Glycine 15.9
Ttyrosine 6.9
Amino Acid 22.1
Vitamin H 0.00011
Vitamin B Complex 0.0011
Vitamin B12 0.00001
Folic Acid 0.0012
Inositol <0.011
Vitamin B3 0.09
Pantothenic Acid 0.0196
Vitamin B6 0.0065
Vitamin B2 0.0031
Vitamin B1 0.0098
Vitamin A ( Aarotene ) 501 IU/Gram



Nutritional Ingredient Milligram by Each Gram
Vitamin C 0.185
Vitamin D <0.1 IU/Gram
Vitamin E 0.02 IU/Gram
Mineral Substance and Some Trace Minerals
Boron 0.0055
Calcium 4.9
Chloride 0.49
Chromium 0.0012
Cobalt <0.0005
Copper 0.027
Fluoride 0.0065
Fluoride <0.011
Iiodine <0.0005
Iron 0.051
Magnesium 4.4
Manganese 0.026
Molybdenum <0.0005
Nickel <0.0005
Phosphorus 29
Potassium 2.8
Selenium <0.0005



Nutritional ingredients Milligram by Each Gram
Silicon 0.16
Sodium 0.11
Tin <0.0005
Titanium <0.0005
Vanadium <0.0005
Zinc 0.066
Chlorophyll 1.2
Cholesterol <0.01
Sugar 48