Green Elf Wheat Grass

First, Green and Natural Force of Wheat Grass

1. More Energetic

Millions of Americans, young or old, sleep for eight hours even if they walk less than a few steps a day, yet they are exhausted like dogs after work every day! Many middle-aged people see their energy as an inevitable phenomenon of aging. I once thought so, but after eating wheat grass and some natural unprocessed food, everything changed.

Isn't everyone supposed to accept the fact that as we grow old, we are no longer energetic and vigorous. I believe that everyone, like me, cannot accept this statement. In fact, persistent fatigue is often an abnormal phenomenon, mostly due to nutritional imbalances in the diet. Modern life is busy, and if you can't get balanced nutrition from your diet, you will not be able to cope with the heavy workload. Generally speaking, after a day's hard work, it is normal to feel tired, but if you can't recover your strength after a night sleep, it means that your body is in trouble. If you wake up in the morning and feel that you are just as tired as before going to bed last night, it means that the diet of the week does not fully supplement the nutrients needed by the body, or eat too many things that the body does not need, resulting in the fact that the body is unable to maintain normal conditions. Basically, wheat grass can maintain the body in an energetic state in two ways: first, make up the oxygen consumed by the body. Second, promote the body to effectively eliminate impurities present in cells, blood, tissues and organs.

Each person has ten trillion cells. It is like a ten-megawatt battery. It must maintain some power to make it work. In order to maintain a certain intensity and stability in the cells, we must always take in adequate and appropriate nutrients, especially minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, etc., and these nutrients are in wheat grass. As long as you add wheat grass and some natural foods to your usual diet, you will be able to fully charge your batteries and energize your body. In addition, wheat grass can also help the body to discharge excess fat, mineral impurities, and protein excreted by the digestive system, thereby saving the body's physical strength to excrete toxins and impurities.

2. Wheat Grass Gives You More than 24 Hours a Day

Once you start eating wheat grass and some natural food, you will soon find that the amount of sleep you need is significantly shorter. If you can sleep at night for six hours (or even less) undisturbed, it will be enough. Although many people sleep more than eight hours, the process is in a chaos. They either get up to the refrigerator to find something to eat, or go to the bathroom. When these people wake up, they look tired and stressed out and feel exhausted.

During sleep, the body maintains "automatic" and balance and "charges" each cell. In theory, sleeping for four to six hours at night and taking a nap for an hour will give the human body enough time to recover. But if you have too much food in your stomach, you may not sleep well at night, and you can't get enough rest. Once the cells in the body are mostly in an unbalanced state (usually when you are sick), people will need more sleep.

Wheat grass and other natural unprocessed foods are lighter and fresher foods that nourish and cleanse the body; in contrast, red meat, milky, sugar-added or processed foods are more slippery and tend to accumulate in Intracellular, accelerated aging. If you can start eating less greasy food and try to drink a little wheat grass juice, after a few days, you will find that you can sleep well. Because after removing the accumulated waste in the body, your spirit can recover in a short time. Since various impurities and wastes that are hoarded in the body are discharged, you will clearly feel the joy of rejuvenation and vitality.

3. Fighting Disease

Wheat grass is arguably the safest and most effective treatment prescription today. This is not to say that it kills bacteria like a drug, but it strengthens the function of the human immune system to ensure human health. At present, it is not known how wheat grass strengthens the immune system. Experts believe that it is not the result of one or two factors. The key should be the value of nutrition, biochemistry and human kinetic energy, due to special combination and operation.

The immune system determines the body's resistance to disease, and because wheat and other untreated natural foods directly strengthen the body's immune system, it can almost help the body overcome various health problems. In contrast, modern Medicine can only treat certain symptoms and cannot fully improve our health. In fact, there is no medicine that can completely cure people. The father of medicine, Hippocrat, once said: "Only the body can heal itself. The doctor simply plays the assisting role.

The nourishment and cleansing properties of wheat grass, combined with other factors of grass juice, make it extremely effective. For diseases like heart disease and certain types of cancer, it is often effective. Especially for those problems in the immune system, or diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, the effect is even more remarkable. Be it wheat grass or other natural foods they all can strengthen the immune system, make the body healthier and have absolutely no side effects.

4. Preventing It from the Disturbance of Modern Life

Dangerous chemicals are discarded in nature every day, while other chemical poisons are being invented. The current air is almost unbreathable; nature's water is also extremely acidified, and it directly causes pollution to drinking water. More than four square kilometers of topsoil is eroded every year. In the former city, it was the lifeblood of human culture and art. Now it has gradually degraded into waste soil filled with reinforced concrete and electronic parts. People work in the city during the day and can't wait to escape to the suburban homes at night, but even in the suburbs, industrial pollution, car exhaust, and toxic waste are ubiquitous. The situation seems to be so serious that unless there is a major environmental science revolution, such pollution, and its harm to the human body, will never improve.

Fortunately, we have already strengthened our body's resistance to ensure that we are not poisoned by environmental pollution. Because as long as the functions of metabolism in our body can work effectively, then all kinds of poisons will not invade the lungs and blood, and will not stay in the body for too long. To have a healthy liver, the toxins that stay in it can be easily neutralized and excreted; eating less greasy food can not only increase the oxygen content in the blood, but also reduce the burden on the circulatory system. In this way, the impact of environmental pollution on us can be minimized. In fact, there is a lot of evidence to prove that wheat grass can even protect the body from radiation!

Compared with the current development of mass media, the focus of wheat grass is very low. However, things will always change. In the past few years, a large number of research reports on chlorophyll and wheat grass have been released, which is the most enthusiastic period since 1940. The reports we have studied confirm that wheat grass is indeed an excellent in vivo cleansing substance that rebuilds the health of the body, treats and prevents disease, and rejuvenates the body. And only a handful of foods or drugs provide the same nutrients as wheat grass. What we can't deny is that if there is no wheat grass or other plants in the world, it is impossible for human beings to survive. Of course, what we can't ignore is that wheat grass is indeed a nutritious product and medicine that has no side effects at all, and anyone can enjoy the benefits it brings to us with little cost.

Second,Green Vitality

1. Plant Blood

Basically, green plants are the same as humans and animals in the lungs, but the functions of the two are opposite, because plants "inhale" carbon dioxide, "spit out" oxygen, and humans and animals inhale oxygen and spit out carbon dioxide. What a perfect ecological relationship!

Many years ago, Dr. Fisher and his colleagues won the Nobel Prize for studying red blood cells. As their research progressed, the scientists found that the red blood cells in the human blood are responsible for carrying oxygen to each cell, and this is exactly the same as the role of chlorophyll in plants, but the two are slightly different, the red blood cells in the blood are the main feature of hemoglobin responsible for carrying oxygen, while iron is the main substance in heme; chlorophyll is the center of green plant biological function, and the core substance constituting chlorophyll is magnesium.

In 1930, Dr. Essin's research showed that the injection of chlorophyll into the body of experimental animals increased the number of red blood cells with a normal heme index, which was done by two scientists at the University of Liverpool, Hager and Ratner. Further research. In a research report published in the 1936 Physiology Monthly, they showed that some experimental animals showed anemia by taking blood every day, and when the hemoglobin index in these animals fell below half of the normal index, Just divide them into ten groups. Five of the groups added various chlorophyll to their food every day, and the other five groups did not take any chlorophyll. As a result, these animals ingesting natural chlorophyll rapidly recovered their hemoglobin index at a rate exceeding 50% of the normal state. And within two weeks, it will return to its original state. As for the control group, there was no improvement in the rate of hemoglobin recovery. In the report, the two scientists said: "Because the situation seems to indicate that these animals can convert chlorophyll into heme in the body." Natural chlorophyll is the best choice to meet this need.

Earlier, some scientists used chlorophyll to treat anemia, but even if you don't have the symptoms of anemia, the increase in the number of red blood cells will accelerate the metabolism of cells in the body and accelerate the process of purification in the body. Because all tissues of the body need to consume oxygen (in the case of the brain, which requires 25% of the body's oxygen to be consumed), if you can increase the input of oxygen by wheat grass, it will naturally stimulate the human body. The strengthening of the immune system, of course, also shows that the body's ability to fight disease and restore health has also increased. In other words, the human body will have more nutritious blood due to the supplement of wheat grass, and the human body will be more robust!

2. Chlorophyll

What is chlorophyll? Simply put, it is a green (sometimes purple) pigment contained in living plants, which contains a rich mixture of minerals and proteins. Chlorophyll is equivalent to the blood of plants. Dr. Becher, founder of the Swiss Banna clinic, believes that chlorophyll is the concentrated essence of solar energy!

The leaves of plants convert sunlight into energy and store them in plant fibers. If people like to eat meat or drink milk, the "solar energy" they receive is often the conversion of solar energy into their own meat or milk. Wait for "second-hand goods." However, in the case of wheat grass, 70% of it is pure chlorophyll, so people can say that it is directly taken from wheat grass (and other fresh and uncooked vegetables, young shoots, plants, etc.). One hand of "concentrated solar energy."

Dr. Becher's juice from the chlorophyll of some vegetables or plants is praised for its efficacy in treating diseases. He said: Chlorophyll can strengthen the function of the heart, thereby affecting blood vessels, digestive system, uterus, lung. ... chlorophyll is an unparalleled best drink for its body energy!

The solar energy gives the little plants a straight foot and walks all the way through the hard concrete floor to the sun. Today, with wheat grass and various other grass juices, the same energy can also give people better physical fitness. Many diseases of modern people are related to the lack of such energy, so no matter how much people ignore the importance of green plants and vegetables, it is impossible to change the fact that people cannot be erased or planted, whether psychologically or physiologically. The most intimate links and needs.

Third,the Effect of Chlorophyll in Wheat Grass

1. Wheat Grass Enzymes: Scavengers in the Blood

Studies have shown that many of the ingredients in wheat grass not only purify the blood, but also neutralize the toxins in the cells.

Basically, we can think of the human body as a huge biochemical factory, the part inside the skin. At the same time, there are always millions of chemical reactions and the enzymes that make these metabolisms work normally are enzymes. For a long time, enzymes have only been regarded as a kind of catalyst (a substance that accelerates chemical reactions but does not change the reaction itself). Now, many scientists have already realized that enzymes are not only an additional substance but a human vitality. Source. Whether you want a cut on your finger or a two kilogram, you need an enzyme. Whether you think, digest food, or simply move your legs, these actions require thousands of enzymes to achieve. In addition, enzymes are an indispensable element in purifying blood.

In the process of blood purification and reconstruction, it is equal to the purification and reconstruction of the whole body. The role of two groups of enzymes is the most important. The first group is an endogenous enzyme, which is an enzyme that originally exists in the human body. It has a powerful detoxification and purifying effect, but it gradually degenerates with age. At this time, if we can add another enzyme from the diet, the external enzyme (the wheat grass contains such enzymes), it can prolong the life of the endogenous enzyme and enhance its effectiveness.

However, to get the enzymes that are beneficial to the human body from these grasses, they must be completely uncooked! Once cooked, 100% of the enzyme will be destroyed. If the grass has been treated, or exposed to air and sunlight for too long, some of the enzyme will be lost.

In addition to enzymes, wheat grass also contains amino acids and bioflavonoids (an ingredient that coexists with vitamins), which help purify the blood and other tissues. Amino acids can be directly absorbed into the blood, and can effectively neutralize toxins such as cadmium, nicotine, strontium, mercury, and divinyl chloride, and combine them into insoluble salts, so that they can be quickly eliminated. It also promotes cell metabolism. The action of flavonoids removes endotoxin from cells and prevents cell necrosis.

2. The Function of Wheat Grass to Rebuild Blood and Promote Circulation

Wheat grass contains liquid oxygen, which is essential for many functions of the body. It promotes digestion (digestion is the decomposition and absorption of food), refreshing (the brain consumes a quarter of the body's oxygen supply per day), and completes a protective oxidation reaction in the blood (to prevent anaerobic bacteria Invasion) also promotes a more healthy circulation of blood, thereby nourishing every cell in the body.

Dr. Robinson, head of the Linus Research Center, mentioned that wheat grass itself seems to have the effect of dilating blood vessels, and blood is more easily circulated by drinking wheat grass. In this way, nutrients can be delivered to each cell more quickly and efficiently, and the waste produced by the cells can be easily excreted, which is not important for the health, maintenance and reconstruction of the body. Another German biologist, Dr. Warburg, who pointed out in a study won the Nobel Prize that cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment. Therefore, he believes that if any drug used to treat cancer has worked in the past, it must also increase the oxygen content in the blood, especially in the location where cancer cells are distributed.

Many experiments in animals and humans have pointed out that chlorophyll is really effective in treating anemia (anemia is a symptom of blood deficiency). In the United States, for example, 30% of adolescent women have anemia, and around the age of 50, men with anemia symptoms also have an increasing trend. The main symptoms of anemia are fatigue, loss of appetite, paleness and so on.

In order to have healthy and iron-rich blood, it is necessary to take in vitamin B12, nicotinic acid, and minerals containing iron, copper, potassium, etc. in daily diet. In addition, protein is also an indispensable nutrient. If you eat some white bread, potatoes, grilled meat, canned vegetables and some processed foods in your diet, it is absolutely impossible to get the various nutrients mentioned above (because of these foods, the original nutrients are very limited. After treatment or cooking, the nutrients will be destroyed or become substances that the body can't absorb. Because we eat fresh wheat grass, the body can completely convert it into healthy red blood cells. Make it the best source of supplements for various nutrients. The greater the number of healthy red blood cells in the blood, the higher the iron content in the blood.

According to a study by Dr. Heger and Ratner, it has been found from experiments in animals that chlorophyll extracted from green plants can actually increase the heme content in the body in a short period of time. A few years ago, chlorophyll treatment was tried in patients with iron deficiency, and it was confirmed that it was effective in returning blood to normal.

3. Effect of Wheat grass on Liver Function

Another function of chlorophyll is to promote and maintain the normal function of liver function, and the liver is the main organ for detoxification of the human body. In fact, the liver can be said to be the source of human motility, from digestion and storage to purification of blood, recombinant nutrients, and the liver is responsible for More than five hundred features. Regrettably, more than 90% of the medical records show that the liver does not have any obvious signs before it is seriously damaged. Therefore, once the situation is different, it is too late to think about the right medicine. Because the liver is responsible for the precipitation of toxins in the blood, once the liver function is degraded due to excessive fat, or the infection of contaminated substances, the ability of the body to purify the blood will be affected.

Three ingredients in wheat grass have been found to promote liver health and enhance their function. Choline prevents fat accumulation, and magnesium helps to remove excess fat (uses magnesium sulfate to remove pus from the affected area). Potassium function Promote the vitality of organs.

Dr. Waldenberg of the Minnesota School of Medicine found in the study that if some mice were fed purely purified substances (the modern people's diet was only 50 to 75 percent purified), the mice could not produce one. An enzyme that helps the liver inhibit the spread of cancer. But as long as they feed the mice to eat some green grass, they can produce this enzyme from their own body. Exist in the green grass, the formation of the above enzyme is a component called phenylpropionyl, which is also contained in wheat grass.

Dr. Schnabel's article "Grass: God's Grace" presents another finding about the liver function of wheat grass. In order to measure the nutritional value of the grass, Dr. Schnabel added 5 percent of the fresh grass to the feed of a group of hens. The other group of the control did not add fresh grass to the feed, but only the alfalfa. The results showed that the chickens fed the grass were deep in blood and the liver was darker, indicating that their health status was better than that of the chickens in the control group (the liver of the chicken fed the grass was peach-wood color, and the other group was shallow brown).

Although the above experiments have not been fully tested on the human body, it is generally believed that the addition of grassy foods to the diet can actually strengthen the liver function and increase the number of healthy red blood cells in the blood. In the West's Health Center, customers receive expert guidance and inject wheat grass juice, which involves injecting wheat grass juice into the bottom of the intestines for about twenty minutes. In this way, part of the wheat grass juice is directly absorbed into the circulatory system and enters the liver. The chlorophyll absorbed into the liver in this way is more than the direct consumption of wheat grass.

4. Chlorophyll Deodorant Effect

Another strong proof that wheat grass can effectively eliminate toxins from the body is that the user no longer has any body odor after use. Yang Ge and Berry Ji proposed a study in which sixty-two patients who were cared for at home were given chlorophyll in the form of tablets. Although the chlorophyll content contained in the tablet is much less than that in wheat grass, this method still effectively improves the body odor and bad breath of the patient. In addition, chlorophyll can also improve long-term constipation. And reduce the patient's displacement.

In 1950, Dr. Westcott found that only one hundred milligrams of chlorophyll could constitute the best deodorant. Compared with the general deodorant can only cover the odor, Dr. Westcott found that chlorophyll can effectively neutralize the taste of various foods, alcohol and tobacco in the test tube. In addition, patients and volunteers have more clearly found that chlorophyll can effectively neutralize various odors of bad breath, menstrual body odor, urine and feces to achieve deodorizing effect.

Two Japanese scientists from Morishita and Sumida have been working on the various properties of chlorophyll for many years. In a book they co-authored, they pointed out that they had a deodorizing function for chlorophyll. In one test, ten volunteers ate some garlic and then ate three to ten grams of chlorophyll. After 20 minutes, the test was carried out. As a result, none of the ten subjects had a garlic smell. Later, the same test was conducted by drinking and smoking. The results were also the same. As for body odor, this kind of irritating smell caused by contact with bacteria in the skin on the skin is basically a situation that is difficult to correct, but the experimental results show that as long as after a few weeks, the secretion the same can be neutralized.

Scientists have discovered that chlorophyll has been deodorizing for some time, and as a result, chlorophyll has been added to many drugs, chewing gums, oral fragrances, vaginal cleansers and disinfectants.

Enzymes, amino acids, and chlorophyll in wheat grass have bactericidal ingredients that inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria in tissues. Some infections, ulcers, and spoilage caused by anaerobic bacteria cannot form under the supply of sufficient oxygen. Therefore, the use of substances such as chlorophyll which promote oxygen formation will have a considerable inhibitory effect. Wheat grass not only inhibits the growth of anaerobic bacteria, but also contributes to the regeneration of damaged parts. Moreover, it has no odor of other preservatives and does not cause any allergies or side effects.

The effects of various enzymes in wheat grass can make the human body stronger and more resistant to various pollutants from the body or the outside world!

Fourth,Source of Vitality and Youth

Just like the feelings of the ancients practicing Dan and seeking immortality, we still continue to pursue the secret of youthfulness forever. There is always a legendary source, and people hope that as long as they take a sip, they will have immortal beauty. But even if modern scientists have discovered thousands of nutrients and chemical elements that are good for health, they have yet to solve the mystery of youthful medicine. In fact, if we look at the various diseases of people in modern society, perhaps, we are gradually moving away from that beautiful dream, but now, I believe that "wheat grass" is the spring of youth that we pray for a long time!

Many reports on vitamins and minerals are just exaggerated and misleading. In fact, these synthetic substances, energy pills and hormones, regardless of the dose used, can neither cure a cold nor rejuvenate the 80-year-olds. Can't let the bald hair regenerate. In particular, some synthetic substances that supplement nutrients not only waste our time and money in vain, but may even cause adverse consequences when used excessively.

To put it more clearly, synthetic vitamins and minerals can cause similar drug-like effects, such as constipation, headache, and even kidney and liver damage. Moreover, these synthetic substances can produce much less energy than the ingredients originally found in natural foods. For example, synthetic vitamin E is less than one-tenth the potency of natural vitamin E. Moreover, the amount of synthetic vitamins absorbed by the body is far less than the amount of natural vitamins contained in food. In fact, a variety of natural vitamins and minerals coexist with other nutrients, thereby allowing the body to fully absorb and make the most use. Humans have been taking various vitamins in this natural way since ancient times, and this is the safest and best way.

Wheat grass is rich in vitamins and minerals, including thirteen of the most important nutrients for the human body, as well as other trace enzymes and elements. This nutrient-rich food is not only sufficient to maintain the growth of experimental animals, but also beneficial to the human body. In addition, scientists have not found any adverse reactions of wheat grass to experimental animals and humans.

1. Nutrition and Youth

To restore youth, proper nutrition intake is absolutely indispensable. Other than that, there is no other way to achieve the desired results safely and quickly. Although medicine has made amazing progress in the past 100 years, the progress in prolonging life and restoring youthfulness is extremely limited. The average life expectancy of modern people is only four years longer than the ancestors of a hundred years ago, and unless we can work hard to avoid all kinds of possible situations that hurt ourselves, it seems difficult to extend life.

At present, the most direct and healthy way to maintain youthful vitality is to take complete and appropriate nutrients, such as eating wheat germ food, and it is appropriate exercise. Regrettably, all of the above methods require continuous efforts, not all at once. However, it is not the time and effort of people to invest in such a result!

My personal experience has made me more confident in the efficacy of wheat grass in supplementing human nutrition and improving aging. At the age of 50, I seem to be preparing to retire early, my hair is gray, I have serious colitis, my rectum has many problems, my life is completely lost, my life is lacking in goals, but when I recall my childhood and my grandmother during those days when I lived together, I returned to the embrace of nature and thus regained hope for a healthy life.

I decided to try to find answers from natural foods. But this is not the food of meat, eggs, cheese, etc., but the food that can absorb and store the amount of solar energy, so that it can be transformed into nutrients in my body. Natural foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that enhance vitality, which is more beneficial than protein and fat. Although protein and fat are really good for the human body, I believe that you absolutely don't need to eat them as large and concentrated as the average person.

When I knew that I want to make my tired and sick body the only way to restore health and vitality is to help green plants, Kettering and a group of research scholars support it, but under the pressure of market competition, I have to find a way of making a certain synthesis, and it turns out that this has a very limited impact on human health.

From wheat grass, other natural foods and sports, I found myself almost getting the secret of youthfulness. Twenty-five years after I ate natural food, my hair was completely restored to its original brown color, and its weight was maintained at 54 kilograms (the same as when I was young), and I always felt energetic. For the past ten years, I have only spent four hours of sleep a day, and I haven't seen a doctor for many years. Based on the nature of my work, I was invited to give lectures around the world, sometimes even for several months. However, I feel that I am more energetic than the children, but I am already 76 years old. Of course, my discovery can also help you. However, instead of constantly explaining the benefits of wheat grass and various natural foods, it is better for the princes to try them out. By the way, check if I am true.

2. Prolong Life

I can't guarantee that wheat grass can make you immortal, but it does have the function of purifying blood and activating cells, and it can slow down the process of aging, and make people feel energetic. On the whole, Americans really can't claim longevity. Although the United States still leads other countries in terms of national income or productivity, it refers to the life of the people, Israel, Greece, Japan, and Australia. People in other places have longevity than the United States. Women in the Netherlands, Iceland, Ruiqu, Norway, Denmark, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom live longer than American women.

However, compared with previous generations, modern people do live longer. However, the ancestors were faced with the threat of plague and famine, and the mortality rate of women and young children was relatively high. In 1900, the average life expectancy of Americans was forty-seven. By 1950, it had increased by as much as twenty. There have been no significant changes in the 30 years since then, because the American diet has changed a lot. Today, Americans eat about four kilograms of chemical additives on average, and more than half of the food in daily foods is processed. Americans gradually eat less fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat a lot of livestock and poultry as well as a variety of dairy products.

In fact, there is no secret to live longer. A simple life is the focus. From the lives of residents in Pakistan, Ecuador, Russia and other places, the best food is nothing more than chlorophyll-rich green food, cereal germs, beans, seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables, and only need to eat a small amount of meat. It is. If you can add wheat grass to your diet, it will be more energetic than taking any medicines, chemicals, vitamin pills, etc.

Think about it, how can people ingest any vitality from lifeless things? Buried a vitamin pill in the land, may it grow sprouts or green leaves? Of course it is impossible. How can these artificial substances give life vitality like living things like wheat grass, green grass or germ? As long as these organisms are planted in the soil, life can be bred under the moisture of the soil, sunlight and rain. In terms of the temporary purpose of solving some of the problems at hand, taking vitamin pills is somewhat useful, but these synthetic substances must not be used to replace the natural nutrients in the daily diet.

The various nutrients contained in wheat grass can be transformed into vitality and injected into the human body to replenish vitality. But if you cook these green grass, it makes no sense. Because the rest is nothing but empty shells, no life at all. The process of cooking food destroys the enzymes in the food and destroys the energy stored in the food. It is no wonder that modern people are more likely to age, fatigue, and even prematurely than they are in their natural state.

Only life can give life. If the plates in your home are cultivating wheat grass, they are the essence of vitality. Wheat grass is rich in nutrients, according to Dr. Keller's definition of some unique substances in the green grass, they are "green grass juice nutrients." Dr. Keller and other scholars have found that herbivores show that green grass juice does have the effects of supplementing nutrition, stimulating growth and avoiding early sputum.

3. Relationship between Enzymes and Aging in Wheat Grass

Enzymes can be regarded as the most important component of various active substances contained in wheat grass. Up to now, hundreds of different enzymes have been discovered in cereal grasses, and one of them has been named. Now, this research is still going on, and more enzymes will be found in the grass in the future!

The inclusion of grass in foods, because of the supplement of its enzymes, can strengthen the body's own endogenous enzymes, thus enhancing vitality. The following important enzymes that can be extracted from wheat grass: cytochrome oxidase, which is an essential antioxidant when activating cells; lipase, an enzyme used to break down fat; protease, which can digest and decompose proteins; Amylase, which helps to digest starch; catalase, which decomposes hydrogen peroxide in blood or tissue into water and oxygen; peroxidase, which acts in the cell is almost the same as catalase; Enzyme, which helps maintain the stability of myocardial tissue, in addition to superoxide dismutase (SOD).

However, it should be noted that as the age increases, the amount and vitality of enzymes in the human body are getting lower and lower, and the ability to deal with excessive fat, protein and calories is gradually degraded. This may be the reason why the United States is generally overweight and prematurely aging. In addition, it is worth mentioning that three of the above enzymes - cytochrome oxidase, peroxidase, catalase, have been found to have a very high depth in normal red and white blood cells, but In the body of cancer patients, the content of these three enzymes is significantly attenuated.

Now we have understood how the enzymes in wheat grass help the body to deal with various pollutants in the body. In addition, these enzymes can help digestion, and in some cases, they can effectively break down too much fat and protein, and sometimes even eliminate tumors, cysts and other diseases in the body.

The SOD enzymes in wheat grass have contributed to the prevention of aging. These enzymes have received widespread attention from scientists in an attempt to create substances that prevent aging.

Dr. Harry Will of the University of London, Dr. Lester of the University of Cologne, Germany, and Dr. Frederick of Duke University, these three biochemists found traces of SOD in many human cells and also detected The role of SOD, an enzyme, in slowing the aging of cells. Even more surprising is that SOD can reduce the impact of radiation on people. When a heart attack or infected product is attacked, SOD can also effectively prevent other cells in the body from being damaged.

SOD naturally produces neutralizing intracellular hyperoxidative toxicity in human cells. After normal metabolism, human cells produce superoxide. If the amount of superoxide in the cells increases, and SOD does not increase, it will cause damage to the cells and cause aging.

Modern people are often exposed to pollution such as radiation and nitrogen oxides, plus some drugs or chemicals taken in daily life, and irresistible aging, which makes the harmful inside and outside of human cells. Superoxides are increasing. This phenomenon destroys the fat and DNA in the cells and eventually extends to the entire cell. As mentioned earlier, a small amount of superoxide is absolutely necessary, but it is also necessary to have SOD to reduce excessive superoxide to be safe and healthy. Once the SOD stock is insufficient, the cells will become poisonous, not only lose the ability to repair themselves, but also die before they mature. The more aging or abnormal cells in the human body, the higher the content of superoxide.

In short, whether it is in animal testing or in clinical experiments in humans, it has been confirmed that SOD is indeed effective in maintaining human health, avoiding the accumulation of superoxide in the body, pathogen infection, aging, radiation pollution. And food, air, drugs. Wheat grass is the most natural source of this enzyme.

4. Relationship between Wheat grass and DNA Repair

Dr. Putian, a biologist at the University of California, San Diego, extracted a new ingredient from the grass bud and temporarily named it P4D1. The experiment found that this substance stimulates the body to naturally produce (replicate) sperm and DNA and can affect the natural repair ability of the two.

Since regenerative cells are more capable of repairing damaged DNA than normal tissue cells (cells constituting human tissues) and ensuring that newborn cells maintain a certain state of health, Dr. Putian chose to experiment with regenerative cells. The experimental method is to divide the cells to be tested into two groups, one group is irradiated with X-rays to destroy the spermatocytes in the cells, and the other group is controlled by injecting toxic chemicals. Then, some of the damaged cells extracted from the two groups were placed in an environment where they recovered themselves, and other damaged cells were added with P4D1. It was found that after the P4D1 substance was added to these cells under normal control, not only the number of cell activation was significantly increased, but also the rate of activation was advanced. If P4D1 is injected into an undamaged cell, it will be found that this will accelerate the natural activation of the cell.

The above results show that seedlings of grass (including wheat grass) may have the function of enhancing cell viability and replicating regeneration. For those who are weak, aging or sick, revitalizing them naturally means that they can have a stronger body, stronger immunity, and slow down their aging process. Dr. Putian is currently experimenting with slower recovery of tissue cells to see if it can also produce any effect.

The activity of grass seedlings can also produce some benefits for agriculture. Dr. Schnabel has told farmers that feeding cows with fresh grass seedlings not only allows the cows to get more nutrients, but even extends the life of the cows for at least five or six years. For other livestock, grass has the same activation effect. Many ranch or urban zoos nowadays use large machinery to grow grass indoors and provide livestock for the whole year. Think about it, if the grass can make the cow so healthy, how much effect it will have on the person.

5. The Function of Wheat Grass against Free Radicals

Free radicals refer to atoms that carry large amounts of free electrons that surround the cells in the body and thus cause various parts of the body to age. It is more likely to cause this phenomenon if the diet contains more fats that have been artificially processed or cooked.

Pearson and Xiao's "Longevity" specifically mentions the relevant information of free radicals. In the book, the author describes the damage that these radicals can cause, and suggests some ways to eliminate this damage. Take advantage of this to run a longer and healthier life. Regrettably, their recommendations may have negative consequences, as the prescriptions or supplements prescribed in the book have not been tested for a long time to confirm their efficacy. One of the most important ingredients in the prescription is the antioxidant, which is commonly found in food supplements BHT or BHA. It neutralizes free radicals in the body. Or prevent the accumulation of free radicals, thereby improving human health and extending life.

However, according to the research of Dr. Brand, the chemist of Washington University, the use of BHT and BHA as anti-aging drugs will make it impossible to have an enzyme in the liver, which is an essential element of human health and longevity. It is a ridiculous idea to use preservatives to extend your life! Use food additives to preserve food, and use the same things to "save" humans and extend the "lifetime". Can you really put an equal sign between them? Do you want to be saved by "preservation" when you are still alive? There is a part of the cell that must be supplied with oxygen to survive, but at the same time, another part may be affected by oxygen. The function of the preservative is to protect this part of the cells (especially unsaturated fatty acids) from oxygen damage. In fact, the antioxidants found in BHT and BHA are also available in wheat grass and other natural foods, and these natural ingredients are safer and more effective than chemical compounds.

When people grow older or have poor eating habits, and cause an enzyme to be insufficient in body storage, fat will accumulate in the body. Why these fats cause premature aging and how wheat grass removes fat. At this time, we must talk about the free radicals.

Many people have changed the habit of taking saturated fatty acids (mostly animal fats) and prefer to take unsaturated or complex unsaturated fatty acids. They believe that saturated fatty acids can easily lead to heart disease, and unsaturated fatty acids can prevent people from suffering from this disease. But now we know that this statement is simply wrong. In fact, both fatty acids increase the risk of heart disease, and worse, they also accelerate the process of aging. The reason is that saturated fatty acids block oxygen from entering cells, and complex unsaturated fatty acids have the same effect, and also generate free radicals, which causes premature aging.

Free radicals are substances that are graded by atoms with free electrons. In the blood, when a compound unsaturated fatty acid hits oxygen, it is easy to form such a substance. In addition, the free radicals are formed after the oil is spoiled, and the problem is that these free radicals are extremely unstable, they can almost decompose any close things, so they will almost destroy any tissue in the body!

According to Gordon's "Analysis of Radical Aging Process" published by the Institute's "Aging Theory Forum", once the cells are destroyed by free radicals, the remaining material will accumulate in the cells. Deposits, commonly referred to as lipoproteins, block oxygen from entering the cell, causing harm to the human body. The amount of lipopolysaccharide in the human body increases with age, so it can also be used as a basis for judging the aging condition of tissues. Research scholars generally believe that the large amount of fat in the diet today is the main reason for the significant increase in the content of lipofaline in the body.

Conversely, wheat grass helps to inhibit the accumulation of free radicals and lipofuscin, which protects the body from damage. Wheat grass is rich in vitamins C, E and carotene. These natural preservatives are effective in inhibiting the formation of free radicals without side effects. Preservatives made of chemical substances (such as BHA, BHT, etc.) are such that complex unsaturated oils are not easily spoiled, but there is no sufficient evidence to show that these substances can play the same role in the human body. In addition, the history of humans using such supplements is not long, and the doses used are very low, so it is not enough to ensure that these substances are completely harmless to the human body.

Vitamins A, C and E are natural preservatives. Vitamin C not only inhibits the formation of free radicals, but also prevents the destruction of vitamins A and E. The amount of vitamin C contained in wheat grass is comparable to that of orange juice, and even higher than that of common vegetables.

It does not contain vitamin A in wheat grass and other edible plants, but it has the precursor of vitamin A, carotene. The function of the carrot is not to convert the oil in the plant into a free radical until the plant has been removed. If you take vitamin A from animal foods and eat too much, it will have some negative effects, but no matter how much carotene people ingest, it will not cause any toxic reaction. In the experiment, the researchers added carotene to the food of the animals and found that it did effectively inhibit the formation of free radicals in the animals.

Wheat grass is indeed the best source of carotene. The amount of carotene contained in the same amount of wheat grass is much higher than that of lettuce, tomato and some other vegetables. Of course, the benefits of eating wheat grass are not only to prevent aging caused by the action of free radicals, but also to reduce the accumulation of excess fat or oil in the body. Lipids such as salad oil, cream, margarine, and melon are not only easy to accelerate our aging, but also make our body uncontrollable.

6. The Relationship between Blood and Age

A healthy body is based on healthy and normal blood. The healthier the blood condition, the stronger the vitality of the human body, and naturally it can live longer. Because the quality of the blood determines the condition of the human bones and muscles, once the blood is in poor condition, it is impossible to smoothly deliver the various nutrients to every cell of the human body. The human body will also become weak and lack vitality.

According to Dr. Jason's research, no substance has a better hematopoietic function than the juice of a green plant such as wheat grass. In the past few years, doctors have been using grass juice to treat patients with iron deficiency in the plasma or toxins in the blood. In his book "The Chlorophyll Magician in Plants", he once mentioned that he used to test several cases. It was only for them to take a bath containing chlorophyll every day. After a few days, the number of red blood cells in the patient could be doubled. Before and after the bath, the doctor used the instrument to check the condition of the patient's blood. Later, he found that if the patient could drink green grass juice in addition to the bubble chlorophyll bath, the hematopoietic function would be improved to a greater extent. The more iron in the blood, the more oxygen can be carried into the cell, making people more energetic and avoiding aging.

7. the Activation Function of Wheat grass

So far, people still can't fully understand why wheat grass can activate inferior blood and restore fatigue and fatigue, but there are many veins that help us get answers. Lan Lan once wrote a book called Let Cells Be Younger. The book discusses the magical effects of root auxin (this substance can be found in the roots of all plant seedlings). In his book, he introduces a botanist-led experiment in which the roots are placed at the tip of the plant's leaves, and as a result, the edges of the leaves grow. According to this result, Lancome also counted humans to produce some fresh auxin in the body after eating green plant seedlings, shoots and grasses. In fact, there are other studies that confirm the hypothesis of blue dragonfly. For example, Dr. Pross, the founder of the Puography Nutrition Foundation, has extracted some substances from the tip of grass seedlings that are rooted in the roots and found that the ingredients of these substances can actually irritate. Cells that enhance their ability to recover.

Because wheat grass itself is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, we can use it as a nourishing food to replenish nutrients and restore physical strength. In addition, wheat grass can also be used as a supplementary food for people to obtain energy, and because it is very easily digested and absorbed by the human body, so even in the state of very weak physical fitness or impaired digestion, it is possible to consume the nutrients required for wheat grass supplementation.

Fifth,Extraordinary Nutritional Value

1. Best Vitamin Ingredients

Each person's different physical conditions, occupations and lifestyles make each person have different needs for nutrients, but to maintain a healthy body, certain nutrients are needed by everyone. In fact, the average person is still not very clear about the role of vitamins A, C, E and B in the human body. Manufacturers of vitamins use advertisements to instill ideas that people may be more energetic or less likely to catch a cold. In fact, vitamins do not directly cause the body to produce more vitality or eliminate the symptoms. Their real function is to enable the body to better absorb the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc. in the food, thereby elevating the individual's physical fitness, and Build a healthier body. In the case of vitamins alone, it is not enough to treat diseases, rejuvenate or sustain life. The body needs these foods as a source of physical strength, and this is also an essential element for the body to thrive. Although obtaining adequate and appropriate vitamins is an important condition for maintaining good health, the body's demand for vitamins is relatively small compared to people's demand for carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

In the United States, for example, the consumption of vitamin drugs is as high as two billion dollars per year. However, can these chemical compounds replace the various nutrients contained in natural foods, so should they replace natural foods with chemical compounds? Many debates continue to continue. Various expert critics will warn consumers that taking vitamins at will can be fatal. They cited many examples, such as taking too much vitamins to cause poisoning and so on. Therefore, it is clear that consumers should take vitamins as if they were drugs. Although most nutritional supplements claim to be not toxic by themselves, their long-term effects on the human body are still unknown, so it is still necessary to pay close attention to the use of some drugs.

Different from the above, the medical profession has completely confirmed that the vitamins contained in natural foods are not only absolutely harmless, but also help the body maintain a healthy state. Over the past a million years, natural foods have provided the complete and essential nutrients of the ancestors of all ethnic groups; chemically synthesized nutrients often produce only short-term effects, but they can cause great side effects (most chemical synthesis) Drugs have this phenomenon).

In addition, some people are accustomed to eating vitamins every day to maintain a balanced diet, but not to eat some organic foods that are truly rich in various nutrients. Worse, there is really no evidence that vitamins and fast food can make a healthy body. In fact, judging from the current known situation, the above-mentioned lifestyles tend to make people more susceptible to chronic diseases, so that they end their lives early.

Inanimate life comes from the point of view that the same can be produced from things that do not possess the qualities of life. This concept misleads many people's minds that those chemically synthesized foods or nutritional supplements not only enable people to maintain a healthy body, but also enhance vitality and prolong life. Most scientists are more convinced that students believe that only things with life traits can generate another life, and the experience of devote themselves to natural remedies over the past few decades has reinforced this understanding. To put it simply: Only the food with vitality can cultivate life. This is the law of nature.

Vitamins are an important nutrient in quality natural foods. It is recommended to drink 85 to 170 cc of fresh wheat grass juice every day at home, so as to increase the resistance to cope with the stress and stress of modern life, and only a small amount of wheat grass can provide the equivalent of one person daily from food. The vitamins and minerals obtained.

2. Comparison of Wheat Grass and "Special Effect Food"

Perhaps, some people have already bought some "special effects food" from the so-called health food vending stores, so they don't feel that they need to pay special attention to wheat grass. However, it includes spirulina, honey pollen, freshwater green algae, and the like. These "special effects foods" rarely have the time to stand the test.

In fact, freshwater green algae and spirulina are not the foods that are “energy-enhancing” in the promotion advertisements. These two kinds of goods are basically just single-celled creatures wrapped in hard shells! In order to obtain the nutrients encapsulated in the shell, we must destroy the shells. The internal components are oxidized by contact with oxygen. In order to prevent excessive oxidation, we have to pack these green algae in completely opaque containers. The damage caused by oxidation has already occurred before the canning. In addition, these green algae have been treated with a drying process of 71 degrees Celsius, which not only makes them more difficult to digest, but even the nutrients they originally had are limited. And there is no evidence that humans have used these two green algae as daily food.

In addition, scholars in Germany and Japan have also found that freshwater green algae is not only difficult to be digested by the human body, but also forms nucleic acids that are not needed by the human body. However, the biggest shortcoming of these "special foods" is actually that the raw materials are not easy to obtain, the quality is not good, and the price is too expensive.

Another advantage of wheat grass is that as long as the horse is drinking after juicing, it can almost completely absorb the various nutrients contained in the wheat grass; while the nutrients of special effects foods or general vegetables are collected or harvested, It started to drain. For tomatoes, the original vitamin C will be reduced by half in five minutes after harvesting. After twenty minutes, it will lose more than 70%. If it is cooked, it will lose more. This is recommended. The reason for eating natural foods). Although wheat grass also loses some vitamins and enzymes after cutting, it is made into wheat grass powder immediately after cutting, and the vitamins and enzymes contained therein are preserved to the utmost extent. Eating this wheat grass powder will definitely lead to more complete nutrition.

3. Vitamins in Wheat Grass

Vitamin C

In terms of nutrition, the vitamin C citrus and other fruits contained in wheat grass are roughly the same, but more common vegetables (such as potatoes, tomatoes, etc.). Everyone knows that vitamin C is good for skin, teeth, gums, eyes, muscles, joints, etc. In addition, it also contributes to the body's maturation and development, as well as its antioxidant function.

Vitamin A

The vitamin A contained in wheat grass is roughly equivalent to dark green vegetables, and much more than most fruits. The dehydrated wheat grass powder contains as much vitamin A as some vegetables with high vitamin A content such as carrots, cabbage, and almonds. Another thing to remember is that the so-called vitamin A precursor, also known as carotene, is converted to vitamin A in the intestines at the appropriate time. So no matter how much you get, it will not cause harm to the human body. Vitamin A, which is found in liver, fish oil, meat, or chemically synthesized vitamins, accumulates in the liver. Once it exceeds the upper limit of human body load, it is poisoned. Vitamin A is very important for growth, vision and genetics. In the absence of vitamin A, there are symptoms such as fragile bones, night blindness, dry skin, and low resistance. The researchers went a little further to investigate the possibility of using vitamin A as an anti-cancer nutrient.

Vitamin B Group

Wheat grass is also a good source of vitamin B. Its role is to help the body convert carbohydrates into energy and help the nerves and digestive system. Stable intake of vitamin B groups has a very positive impact on the brain, human development, and the adrenal glands. Although the human body needs more vitamins than the vitamin B group, the importance of vitamin B group is increasing with the modern people's busy work and long-term mental stress.

Vitamin E
Wheat grass also contains vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties and is a very important and essential nutrient. Once the body lacks such vitamins that help dissolve fat, there will be muscle weakness, infertility and other symptoms, and it is not easy to heal after injury or infection. In addition, vitamin E also helps maintain the health of the heart. The body's absorption of this vitamin E in wheat grass is ten times higher than that of chemically synthesized vitamin E. In addition, foods such as germ, cereals and nuts are also rich in vitamin E.

4. Minerals in Wheat grass

In the diet, in addition to paying attention to the intake of vitamins, the quality and quantity of minerals is also very important. Minerals and many enzymes in the body work together to help the tissues and tissues in the body to discharge waste and hematopoiesis. Once the body lacks proper minerals, it is prone to toxemia or often feels tired and weak.

Minerals can be said to be an important element of the origin of life. Long ago, the minerals in the ocean combined with nutrients such as amino acids and enzymes formed the initial life form. In addition, organic salts are also essential for all organisms, in plants and animals, and minerals are responsible for conducting traces between cells. Current, these minerals are organic, and are completely different from minerals, synthetic minerals, or minerals on rusty nails.

Although the study found that non-organic minerals can also be absorbed by the body, it also has certain specific effects. But people have to eat ten to twenty times more non-organic salts in order to produce the same effect as organic salts. And if you consume a lot of non-organic salt minerals in your daily diet, you may have some negative results. For example, the Bantu people in South Africa are suffering from liver poisoning in many residents because of the long-term use of iron cooking vessels.

To add enough organic salts, it is recommended that you get them from wheat grass or other natural foods. Balanced organic salts not only keep the body intact, but also protect the teeth and normalize the body's metabolism. Taking non-organic salts can easily lead to malnutrition in the body, resulting in a mess of functions in various tissues. Since ancient times, nature has endlessly enjoyed countless lives. For the sake of its own health, when taking in organic salts, it is necessary to use natural sources in a balanced manner.

In addition, minerals also have a role in maintaining normal metabolism in the body. Especially important in maintaining blood pH (pH). Under normal circumstances, the blood should be slightly alkaline, that is, the pH is between 7.3 and 7.45 (pH is greater than 7 is alkaline, less than 7 is acidic). In the body's metabolism, acidic substances are naturally formed. It is necessary to take up alkaline organic salts to neutralize too much acidic substances, so as to ensure bones and teeth and health, and to enhance the body's resistance to colds and other diseases. Wheat grass is rich in alkaline minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. Therefore, a good acidic neutralization reaction can be produced in the blood.


Wheat grass can be said to be the best source of calcium. Sufficient calcium can not only make people have healthy teeth and bones, maintain normal heartbeat, but also maintain the stability of blood pH. The calcium content in the dehydrated wheat grass powder is equivalent to the content of milk. In addition, it is like a young shoot, a green vegetable leaf, an edible plant on the seabed, a germ, a bean, a cereal, etc., and it is also easy for the human body. Absorbed calcium components.

It is not recommended to use milk and some dairy products as one of the essential staple foods every day because they contain too much unsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol. These foods are subjected to procedures such as low temperature sterilization and homogenization. The addition of synthetic vitamin D makes it difficult for the average person to digest milk effectively. Therefore, you should eat more green vegetables, young sprouts, seaweed vegetables, and wheat grass. Therefore, you can get enough calcium. This is especially important for patients suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasms and other conditions due to lack of calcium. It is worth noting that 99% of the calcium intake of the average person is deposited on the teeth and bones unless we can take all the appropriate minerals (wheat grass and some natural foods) at the same time. Appropriate absorption of calcium.


Wheat grass is rich in iron, and iron plays a very important role in the formation of red blood cells or in the delivery of oxygen from the lungs to individual cells. Some of the iron in the human body is available for re-use, but some iron is still needed in the daily diet. In the absence of iron, the human body is prone to fatigue or symptoms of anemia. Women in menstruation also lose a lot of iron. Non-organic iron often causes constipation in the patient, and the iron contained in the wheat grass does not. It will cause any side effects to the human body. The iron contained in the wheat grass is about half the content of spinach or other iron-rich green vegetables, but unlike spinach and sugar beet, the content of oxalic acid in wheat grass is extremely low or even not. The oxalic acid in this vegetable combines with calcium to precipitate calcium in the teeth or bones, and thus causes kidney stones.


Wheat grass also contains the right amount of sodium, which is also a mineral that is extremely important to the human body. Sodium will help the body digest and excrete waste in the body, and keep the body fluid in a stable and balanced state. However, modern people take too much sodium chloride from salt or MSG additives, which is not a good phenomenon. The importance of sodium to the human body is known to contain five grams of sodium per 0.57 liters of blood in the human body. The calcium content in the blood is only about 2% of the sodium content, and the potassium content is only 4%.

It should be noted that excessive intake of sodium can easily lead to diseases such as high blood pressure and kidney disease, and the chance of stroke is greatly increased. If you have to use a low-sodium salt or a diet that completely bans sodium, you can choose wheat grass as part of your daily diet because the sodium contained in wheat grass is much less than normal food. Its sodium content is roughly equal to the sodium content of onions or tomatoes.


Some nutritionists call it "young minerals." This is because the role of potassium is to balance the distribution of various minerals in the body, maintain a constant weight, keep the muscles in a healthy state, and tighten the skin. All kinds of fruits are rich in potassium, especially in bananas. The content of potassium in wheat grass is about the same as that of citrus, grapes, apples and various melons.


The content of magnesium in wheat grass is about the same as that of leeks, beets, carrots, and celery. Magnesium keeps muscles in good condition, maintains intestinal health and helps drain excretion. Magnesium should also help the liver to expel fat that occasionally oozes out of the tissue.

Trace Minerals

Wheat grass is also the best source of all kinds of trace minerals needed by the human body. Although these minerals are extremely small in the human body, they are very important. For example, selenium has been shown to have anti-cancer functions, and zinc has considerable effects on hair growth, liver function, and protein synthesis. Zinc has been shown to be an extremely important element for plants and animals.

5. Amino Acids in Wheat Grass

Protein is second only to water in the human body. After the body removes water, half of the weight is made up of protein. Basically, proteins are linked to amino acids (small proteins). We can compare amino acids to the various materials used to build the house, and the enzymes are responsible for covering the house. Amino acids, enzymes and multivitamins work together to perform many important functions in the body. It is like making hormones to build muscle, blood, organ and so on.

The human body can synthesize eight important amino acids from the protein in food. In the absence of these amino acids, the body's ability to restore cell viability is diminished, resulting in various symptoms of discomfort. In addition, there are about twelve amino acids that are also of considerable importance, but the body itself can be synthesized by itself.

Amino acid is actually involved in the execution of various systems and functions of the human body. Simply put, it affects the body's ability to digest and absorb food, its resistance to disease, the rate of wound healing, the normal function of liver and mental state, etc. Wait. In addition, amino acids also help cells rejuvenate, thereby extending human life.

As long as the body lacks an amino acid, it may cause allergies, physical weakness, indigestion, weakening of resistance, and premature aging and other symptoms. However, as long as the lack of amino acid is properly supplemented, the above symptoms can be quickly eliminated. Simply put, as long as the various amino acids can be properly supplemented, the human body can have a healthy body, maintain mental and mental well-being, and enhance resistance to disease. There are seventeen amino acids in wheat grass. Here are eight main ingredients.


Recently, it has been regarded by the academic community as a substance that may have anti-aging function, which affects growth or blood circulation. When it is lacking, immunity will be weakened, vision will be affected, and it will be easily fatigued.


It is also very important for growth, especially for children. The balance of protein in adults is also affected. When it is lacking, it will affect the formation of other amino acids. In turn, it causes mental deterioration.


Keep people awake and alert. Basically, people with insomnia should try not to take this ingredient, so as not to make the situation worse. However, if you want to be energetic, leucine is an indispensable substance.


It is of great importance for building oxygen-rich blood and maintaining the health of the skin and hair. It works in concert with the vitamin B group to stabilize the nervous system and promote digestion.


It can make the thyroid gland normally secrete thyroxine, which is very important for mental balance and emotional stability.


It helps the body to digest and absorb, and it also helps the body's metabolism.

Amino Isovaleric Acid

It can stimulate brain development, increase muscle coordination, calm the nervous system, and cause nervousness, mental weakness, emotional instability, and insomnia.


It has the function of purifying and activating kidney and liver cells, and also helps hair growth and maintain mental stability. Its effect with leucine is just the opposite.

The other amino acids contained in wheat grass are briefly described as follows:

Alanine has a hematopoietic function;

Arginine is one of the main components of semen and has a greater impact on men;

Aspartic acid helps the body convert food into energy;

Gluten acid stabilizes the mind and normal metabolism;

Glycine is an indispensable component of the process by which cells use oxygen to produce energy;

Histamine affects hearing and nervous system function;

Proline acid is converted to glutamic acid and thus has equivalent functions;

Glutamate stimulates brain and nervous system function;

Tyrosic acid promotes hair and skin growth and prevents cell aging.

6. Super Nutrient Function of Chlorophyll Components in Wheat Grass

Of the various nutrients contained in wheat grass, chlorophyll should be considered the most important one. If it is not because chlorophyll itself is too weak, it will almost become the most effective prescription in the medical field. However, its instability is not a serious disadvantage for the user. Because we planted wheat grass, we made wheat grass powder immediately after cutting, and preserved intact chlorophyll and all nutrients.

Chlorophyll is a protein component found in the green leaves of plants. In the eyes of most nutritionists or biochemists, chlorophyll has always been regarded as a very common substance, but at least two nutritional effects should not be ignored.

First, chlorophyll converts solar energy into a form that the plant itself can use (and of course for animals and humans). Although animals themselves can produce energy and store it, the difference is that plants can absorb energy directly from the sun, and animals (including humans) cannot do this.

However, people can transfer nature's energy into their bodies by eating wheat grass. In this way, the human body can restore the functions of the ministries through the provision of these nutrients.

The second important value of chlorophyll is that it has a similar function to hemoglobin that carries oxygen in human blood.

Dr. Kasahara, a Japanese scientist and health education scholar, can be said to be the leader in the field of using green grass as a food and medicine. He made a corollary: Since chlorophyll can be dissolved in fat particles, and fat particles can enter the blood directly through the lymphatic system, the human body should be able to absorb chlorophyll in the same way. The doctor believes that the chlorophyll in the human body, the magnesium ions contained in it itself will be replaced by iron molecules. As a result, new blood is formed. In other words, once the plant's "blood" is absorbed by the body, it is turned into human blood, which is responsible for distributing nutrients to various cells of the body.

Sixth, the Magical Effect of Wheat Grass

1. The Effect of Wheat Grass on Cancer

Years of research on cancer have concluded that since wheat grass and some natural foods do have some curative effects on the horrendous and serious disease of cancer, it should also be effective in treating diseases and giving them proper nourishment and balance. Experts have been treating cancer for more than 20 years and believe that no matter what kind of cancer has the possibility of cure, this is almost the opposite of the general concept. People call cancer a terminal illness, and the medical community has not found an effective one. Prescription, but basically, the process of cancer patients recovering from their illnesses must be very similar to the process of recovery from cuts, bruises, or colds. All the prescriptions used to treat cancer today are to alleviate the disease by eliminating cancer cells, but the effect is only that. To truly restore health, you must have healthy new cells to replace these cancer cells that have been eliminated!

Understand the above-mentioned logic of self-recovery and self-purification of the body, I believe that it can not be understood, that is, the disease such as cancer is so serious, the human body should be able to use its own strength to restore health. The only thing needed at this time is a strong immune system to fight the disease! So how do people build a strong enough immune system to fight cancer? First, eliminate factors that may degrade the function of the immune system, such as stress at work or at home, and some manually processed, cooked foods.

Once you've been able to remove these negative factors, start learning how to rebuild a stronger immune system. Therefore, the second step is to completely eliminate the adverse effects caused by stress, and replace some foods with low nutritional value with clean natural foods and wheat grass.

As long as you can try to remove the stress in your daily life and stop eating any food that is easy to cause cancer, then the natural food and wheat grass you eat can begin to purify the body and rebuild the immune system.If you don't remove the usual stress, just like a person who breaks the leg and walks without the support of a cane, even if you are very calm, you eat well, but it is impossible to restore health unless you can still It doesn't have to use that broken leg at all, otherwise it doesn't work. By the same token, if you can't try to reject foods that are good for your health, chances of recovery are never too high.

In addition to helping to enhance the body's immunity, wheat grass has many other benefits. Previous studies have confirmed that wheat grass contains a variety of anti-cancer ingredients, and one layer of acid is one of them. For the first time, I confirmed that the efficacy of detached acid was treated by a patient named Mei. She had cured her breast cancer by using the diet control method of the Health Center and wheat grass. Such a case of using natural forces to treat cancer has caused Mei's physician to revisit her data and review some research reports, hoping to find out the active ingredients that wheat grass may cure cancer.

It was found that the separation acid is the main component of the therapeutic effect. This is a hormone in the plant. The main function is to control the seed in the soil until the surrounding environment is suitable for growth and then germination. From the reaction of the test animals in the laboratory, even a very small amount of isolated acid can exert great curative effect on any kind of cancer. As long as the test animals are injected with the separation acid, the tumor will be quickly disappear. However, in the case of Mei, the research on the separation of acid is still at a preliminary stage, and it is too early to use it as a special effect. However, as Mei said: "A bad eating habit can lead to a disease that is not just a cancer. Even if it is possible to cure cancer, people may still die of heart disease or other diseases." Ingesting complete and balanced nutrients and trying to maintain good living habits can save people from disease. Mei Neng is determined to replace the extremely bad eating habits with the diet of wheat grass and various natural foods in the Xi's Health Center. This is definitely worth it. In less than a year, Mei There is no need to receive any medical treatment, the cancer has disappeared, and it has not relapsed.

The second ingredient in the wheat grass that has a therapeutic effect on cancer is from a teaching course by the famous biochemist Dr. Kreb. This ingredient is vitamin B17, Dr. Krebberg in the study from almonds. Vitamin B17 is extracted from the nucleus. In fact, many natural foods, including wheat grass, also contain this substance. Experiments have shown that this vitamin can play a role in reducing cancer cells, but it does not harm normal at all. cell. Although the effect of vitamin B17 on the treatment of cancer is still controversial in the United States, this fact cannot be denied: compared to some countries with low cancer incidence, the content of vitamin B17 in modern American diet is much higher than that of their fourth. Still lower.

At the Linus Center for Social and Medical Research, Dr. Robinson tested the effects of various natural foods, wheat grass, and synthetic vitamin C on cancer with white mice in the lab. In the experiment, the mice were carcinogenic with ultraviolet light. Then divided into five groups, in which the control group's diet is general laboratory food, the other two groups are added different doses of vitamin C in general food, and the other two groups only eat apples, pears, carrots, tomatoes, sunflowers. Natural foods such as seeds, bananas, and wheat grass, one of which adds 100 grams of vitamin C.

Dr. Robinson published a report entitled "Natural Foods and Cancer," which summarizes the findings as follows: "The results of the experiment are striking. We found that light natural foods (including wheat grass) can reduce the incidence of cancer. Or to reduce the severity of the disease by more than 75%, which is more effective than any previous nutrition control program. The replication of ascorbic acid (also known as vitamin C), which is usually used as a prescription for the treatment of colds or cancer. But it may cause the incidence of cancer or the severity of the disease to be twice as high!"

The group of mice that eat natural food and wheat grass only eat some germs instead of vegetables, fruits or something, maybe the treatment effect will be better!

Just one diet control, Dr. Robinson's results of cancer experiments on mice have been very different, so to find the answer to cure cancer, you must start with food.

Scientists and physicians have gradually learned about the relationship between cancer and nutrition, and the National Cancer Institute has commissioned the National Academy of Sciences to study the relationship between diet and cancer. As a result, they pointed out many carcinogenic foods, some of which are well known, such as luncheon meat, bacon, high-fat cheese, refined oil, and so on.

Other studies have also pointed out that certain vegetables, especially yellow and green vegetables, appear to contain certain ingredients that inhibit cancer cell damage. However, many foods published by the National Academy of Sciences, including carrots, squash, leeks, kale, and green leafy vegetables, contain less nutrients than wheat grass, and once cooked, they are left behind. Nutrients are even more limited.

2. Relationship between Oxygen Intake and Cancer

Nobel will present a cancer-related problem to Dr. Humboldt, the doctor, indicating that cancer cells seem to spread more easily in an oxygen-deficient environment. Doctors don't treat cancer cells as viruses, but interpret them as a phenomenon in which cells develop lesions under hypoxia. Dr. Warburg raised this argument as early as fifty years ago. Although many scientists have questioned each year since then, no one can refute the doctor's discovery.

It is now known that smoking, high-protein diets, air pollution, poor breathing, lack of exercise, and long-term consumption of high-fat diets will reduce the amount of oxygen that the body can absorb by more than a quarter. According to Dr. Huabao's theory, it is no wonder that the incidence of cancer in humans is getting higher and higher, so whether it is a modern diet, lifestyle, or environment, the oxygen that we can absorb is becoming less and less. Drinking fresh juice, taking a deep breath and eating wheat grass can make the body absorb more oxygen to stimulate blood circulation, and oxygen can be more fully delivered to various cells of the body. In addition, the above items can also increase the number of red blood cells in the human body.

Perhaps, people still can't explain why wheat grass can destroy cancer cells, but from the research results of nutrition and cancer in recent years, the connection between them is indeed unquestionable.

3. How does Wheat Grass Help People Overcome Obesity?

Most people don't like to get fat, but few people know that obesity can also cause cancer. However, there is no doubt that obesity is one of the most serious health threats in today's society. This does not mean that the obese people are under psychological pressure, but that obesity is basically an unhealthy phenomenon. This is very simple. Just look at the actual situation and you can see that obese people have higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, etc., and the condition will be more serious.

Obesity often gives people a lazier impression, and this impression exists in all walks of life and people of all ages. The problem of obesity has a tendency to deteriorate rapidly, and there is no sign of improvement.

The weight of many people gradually rises because the effects of their metabolism cannot completely consume or eliminate excess nutrients in the body. The best way to change this phenomenon is to speed up the metabolism of the human body, such as more exercise, eat more food that can stimulate the body's circulation, avoid eating sugar, red meat, dairy products, poultry, oil, fish, etc. Treated food is a good way. Although wheat grass is also helpful for weight loss, it is still not possible to use wheat grass instead of other aspects to get slim.

In view of the effect of wheat grass on weight control, basically, wheat grass can promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, strengthen digestion function, and consume excess body fat, so it has the effect of reducing weight.

Everyone thinks about the multiple roles that enzymes play in the human body. It is not difficult to understand that the increase or decrease in body weight is quite related to the amount of enzymes in the body and food. Dr. He Wei, an expert on enzymes, mentioned in the book "Enzyme Nutrition" that he analyzed the nature of the body's fat enzymes in people weighing more than 136 kilograms and found that they really lacked some enzyme that helps to eliminate fat. So even if you really can't be a big fat man, but still want to be slimmer, wheat grass will still play a considerable effect.

The special effects of natural foods and fresh juices (especially wheat grass) have indeed made many of theories used in the past to explain people's weight gain and the weight loss recipes dwarf. The reason is that this is basically the basic effect of natural food and wheat grass. Just like a duck is born, it will be just like the water! This is definitely due to the richness of various enzymes in wheat grass and natural foods.

Some people believe that as long as they eat low-calorie, clean, low-fat foods, they can quickly and safely achieve weight loss. In addition, the intake of large amounts of natural foods contributes to a smoother metabolism. The water it contains is also effective in cleansing the kidneys and blood. The natural moisture contained in vegetables, germs and fruits replaces the old body fluids in the human body.

If you want to use wheat grass to lose weight, you don't need to change the whole eating habits. As long as you eat wheat grass every day, and with other fresh and light food, you can gradually reduce your weight. The average person thinks that fruits such as bananas, avocados, and fruits and vegetables have high calories, which makes people fat. This concept has no factual basis. In fact, these fruits do not make people fat, but they are in the process of production. After cooking, some canned, banana boat is to take bananas and ice cream, eat these, how can it not make people fat? If you put a strawberry, which is generally considered to be low in calories, with a pastry and a blended cream, it will naturally make people gain weight!

4. To Create the Best Weight Ratio without Getting Too Fat

If you are not too fat, but too thin, there is no better prescription than wheat grass. Many people who are underweight are because the metabolism in the body is so fast that they can't absorb the proper nutrients from the food they eat. At this time, use some prescriptions (enzymes) or relaxants to stimulate digestion and thus improve the situation.

Digitally underweight people gain more than a kilogram per week after receiving healthy recipes and wheat grass. If you need to remove the mucous membranes accumulated in the intestines, so that the weight is slightly normal, wheat grass can also help. Experiments in animals and medical records in health centers have confirmed that even a small amount of wheat grass can gradually return to normal weight and improve blood status. In fact, whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, healthy recipes can create the best weight ratio for you.

The reason why wheat grass becomes an important part of healthy diets is that it can effectively supplement the various nutrients that the body lacks. Wheat grass can be regarded as one of the most complete foods, and all the commonly known essential nutrients are contained in wheat grass (which even includes some infrequently heard ingredients), so just add wheat grass to your diet. It is equivalent to ensuring that there is absolutely no malnutrition.

5. How to Protect Yourself from the Pollution of Modern Civilization?

Maybe people can easily avoid meat, fat and sugar in their daily diet, but in the past 100 years, we have also created many health-harmful substances, such as air, soil and water pollution, radiation pollution caused by nuclear waste, electromagnetic radiation from television and radio, electromagnetic pollutants emitted from electronic technology products, etc. How do we prevent these pollution from harming our health?

There are indeed some ways to help people avoid the harm of modern civilization pollution. In recent years, more and more scientists and research scholars have agreed to this statement. One of the methods is to return the daily diet completely to nature, using natural foods and germs and wheat grass as daily food.

Wheat grass can eliminate harmful bacteria and microorganisms, effectively inhibit excessive cell oxidation and promote blood transport of oxygen to cells. The human body is accumulating more and more pollutants under the influence of modern civilization, such as lead in industrial exhaust, sulfur oxides in industrial waste, and various other harmful gases. Because of the purifying nature of wheat grass itself, it can directly or indirectly minimize the damage to the body caused by corrosive pollutants.

The chemical component of chlorine, which was once used as a rodenticide, is now placed in drinking water. Dr. Thomas, of the Huatian Laboratory in Takahashi City, New Jersey, conducted an experiment in which he added some wheat grass to a can of tap water sampled from a faucet, and then proceeded to the chlorine in the tank and the various chemical components. The test, the results were really scary, Dr. Thomas made the conclusion: "The results show that chlorine will quickly combine with calcium sulfate and other free components, so that the toxicity of chlorine disappears, and thus the formation of strengthen teeth and bones. In this way, the fresh grass plays the role of a catalyst, which promotes the rapid conversion of acidic chloride into a beneficial component. The calcium sulfate-rich substance in wheat grass can effectively make it free. Acid chloride converts its own electrons into alkaline calcium sulphate and chloride synthesis components.” Wheat grass not only neutralizes the toxicity of chlorine, it also converts toxins into substances beneficial to human health, strengthening bones and teeth! Therefore, it is recommended that you do not add some wheat grass to the tap water, which will definitely make the water more beneficial to human health.

In fact, the best weapon for mankind to fight against modern civilization pollution is a healthy body. Since wheat grass can effectively enhance the body's resistance, it is equivalent to indirectly helping the body to avoid pollution.

For a long time, scientists have discovered that once a person receives X-ray radiation, it may cause cancer and even death. Paradoxically, the devastating energy of the radiation is a life-saving prescription for modern cancer treatment, and it is also a life-saving poison. The reason is that although radiation can effectively kill cancer cells, it also kills normal cells and causes other normal cells to mutate and become new cancer cells. Radiation has proven to be a tool in the laboratory that is used to make cancerous lesions in animals.

Nuclear radiation has more energy radiation. As we all know, nuclear radiation is gradually leaking into the atmosphere or rapidly radiating after an explosion, which will have a fatal effect on the human body.

However, even the trace radiation emitted by television may cause illness or even cancer. For this reason, the United States established regulations for managing radiation in 1968 to protect people from the products of civilization, but the regulations are only The radiation standard for each TV set is set and the radiation is still present. Some modern technology products, such as fluorescent lamps, can also interfere with the magnetic field around the human body and cause various diseases. Therefore, in addition to the laws and regulations established by the lawsuit and the guidelines for the manufacture of trademarks, the general consumer cannot afford to have enough radiation in their own homes.

Now that they understand the threat of radiation to health, scientists are trying to find a way to deal with it. In recent years, the direction of research has pointed to wheat grass, and the possible resistance of chlorophyll to radiation is explored. And a few of the experiments in the past, the results are causing widespread interest. For example, in the experiments conducted by the US Army, Spector, Kahawei and others were jointly responsible. The results of the experiment on guinea pigs are quite intriguing. They selected arrays of guinea pigs to supply the general feed, and then exposed them to radiation levels that were fatal. As a result, all guinea pigs died within less than fifteen days. The researcher then began the experiment, feeding different kinds of feeds in groups before the guinea pigs had not received radiation exposure, and found that the beets did not produce any effect; cabbage and broccoli allowed half of the tested animals to survive for more than fifteen days. If you feed cabbage and broccoli before and after radiation exposure, you can survive for a longer period of time. Later, these guinea pigs who had eaten vegetables found that their livers were larger and heavier than other guinea pigs. They also contained a lot of vitamin A, and the accumulation of fat residue was very small. These phenomena all showed that vegetables can really play. Superior protection. In addition, typical symptoms caused by radiation are malnutrition, weight loss, and the like. Although not completely eliminated, the time of occurrence has been significantly delayed and to a lesser extent. Dr. Du Pulian from the Paris Institute of Science and Technology in France also found from the study that cabbage can indeed reduce the weight loss of X-ray irradiated experimental animals and increase their survival rate after being tested.

Although wheat grass is not used in the above experiments, it is not difficult to believe that the function of wheat grass in protecting against radiation damage is bound to exceed that of cabbage and broccoli. Because according to Dr. Schnabel's research, after feeding broccoli and cabbage to the tested animals, it can make a positive reaction to the liver and gonads, but the response caused by feeding wheat grass is more significant!

Seventh, the Multiple Uses of Wheat Grass

1. It is food, but also drugs

How much wheat grass do you have to eat to achieve the best results?

The correct way to eat should be: eat it in small portions in a day on an empty stomach. One gram of wheat grass per day should be enough, equivalent to drinking 30 to 60 cc of pure wheat grass juice, or with other vegetables. It doesn't matter if the juice is mixed and consumed. Drinking slowly will not be disgusting, and the stomach will not feel uncomfortable.

If you want to treat the disease, it is recommended to take 1 gram of wheat grass (30 to 60 cc) three to four times a day.

2. Wheat Grass can Effectively Relieve Stress

Wheat grass can be refreshing, and there are many ways to eat wheat grass. For example, if you use wheat grass to make your mouth fragrant, you can cure sore throat, your teeth or gums, apply it on your gums. It can reduce swelling and pain, often rubbing gums with wheat grass, and it can also improve periodontal disease or bleeding.

Washing your eyes with filtered wheat grass juice can eliminate the symptoms of eye discomfort or itching. Just go to the pharmacy and buy an eye dropper or a measuring cup. Most of the symptoms of ear pain can also be filtered with a dripper. The clean wheat grass juice is dripped into the ear and improved. If the wheat grass juice is dripped into the nasal cavity and inhaled, the sinus can be cleaned and the sinus can be relaxed.

When the wheat grass juice is dripped into the above sensitive parts, it may seem that the symptoms become more serious at one time, and the eyes may feel more itchy and more red, or the nose may become more severe, but this is only for the temporary phenomenon, the symptoms must be greatly reduced in a matter of minutes. This phenomenon is a normal reaction in which impurities in the body are being removed. However, next time you may wish to use less wheat grass juice or dilute them before use. In addition, wheat grass can also be used for external application. However, if there are side effects, you should stop using it.

In addition, wheat grass can also be used as a detergent to eliminate cysts and vaginal infections, odors and itching.

3. Other Uses of Wheat grass

There are many external methods for wheat grass. Applying the juice to the skin can immediately exert the itching effect. It can also be used as sunscreen or anti-inflammatory drugs. In beauty, wheat grass also has the effect of restoring elastic skin. Massage the scalp with wheat grass juice before shampooing. It can also effectively repair damaged hair, stop scalp oxygen, and repair damaged scales. Try to let the wheat grass juice stay on the scalp for one or two hours before use, so that you can get better results.

Wheat grass can be said to be a must-have medicine at home. It can effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by knife wounds, burns, abrasions, rashes, allergies caused by poisonous plants, sprains, mosquito bites, muscle soreness, external ulcers, swelling and so on. And play the best effect. Since the wheat grass is easily deteriorated after being adjusted into juice, it can be applied to the symptomatic part with a cotton swab, or the gauze can be applied to the affected area after being wetted with wheat grass juice, and then used. Clean the gauze and wrap it up. Then replace the gauze every two to four hours, clean the affected area with a mild soap, let the skin breathe for a few minutes, and then replace with gauze with fresh wheat grass juice. If you like, you can also put some wheat grass in the bath water. Then you can slowly enjoy the comfortable "forest bath"!