I Have Taken GL Green life LLC Wheat Grass for Nearly a Month

I have taken GL Green life LLC wheat grass for almost a month. I notice that I always feel thirsty and feel like drinking water. Unlike before, I force myself to drink more water. I want to drink water from morning to night, and can't even count how much I have drunk. Until one hour before going to bed, I stopped drinking. This is how thirsty I feel. I also notice that the more I drink, the full I feel in my stomach and the less I want to eat.

When I start to use GL Green life LLC wheat grass, I know that it is pure natural product. I have always been using diet pills Pondimin since it entered market in 1996. But it didn't take any effect, I lost confidence and felt frustrated until I came to know GL Green life LLC wheat grass. I tried it. Two weeks later, one morning, I took GL Green life LLC wheat grass as usual and then went to a buffet. Since I go to the buffet on the first day of every month, I couldn't finish even one plate when I watch my friend finishing two big plates. I feel really great. Even at home, even if I eat one bowl of porridge added with butter and honey, I don't feel hungry for the whole day.

At dinner, I fry one piece of chicken breast with oil without flour, dipped in garlic juice, and then eat two pieces of bread, one spread with salad dressing, the other spread with mustard. This is my dinner. In evening, I will eat an apple. I find that throughout the whole day, I seldom want to eat more things.

Diet to me is not a spiritual burden anymore. I used to force myself to eat less. When I eat much, I will feel guilty. After taking GL Green life LLC wheat grass, I don't want to eat more.


- K.M.