Natural Growing and Manufacturing Process

GL Green Life LLC wheat grass contains the most comprehensive range of nutrients. From plant to harvest, our wheat grass is carefully selected and processed. GL Green Life LLC wheat grass is grown with the finest organic seeds in deep, organic-rich soils, under pure underground deep well water (mineral water) and natural sunlight. The fertilizers of wheat grass are all processed from pure natural seaweed in the deep sea. Each blade of grass is harvested in its most nutritious state. It is carefully selected before the juice is squeezed, using cool underground deep drilling water (Mineral water) cleaned.

GL Green Life LLC wheat grass uses vacuum freeze-drying technology to maximize its nutrients, vitamins and active enzymes. All of this adds to the purity of organic wheat grass juice, providing us with vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, etc., bringing us vitality and health.

GL Green Life LLC wheat grass tastes like fresh wheat grass juice, eliminating the hassle of planting and juicing, providing you with extraordinary, comprehensive nutrition in powder form every day.