The Function of Wheat Grass

Wheat grass powder provides rich nutrition that is necessary to maintain the health of human body. Looking back on human history, we find that wheat is the king of grains and the pillar of life. Wheat grass powder made from wheat grass in its early phase of growth is rich in nutrition which is not contained in ripe wheat. As a result, our wheat grass powder is a super nutritional food. Even those who are allergic to wheat can also take wheat grass powder, for these dark green wheat seedlings do not contain gluten.

Years of application prove that wheat grass is beneficial to health in many aspects: cleaning lymphatic system, creating blood, reconstructing the balance of human body, getting rid of heavy metal from cells, nourishing liver and kidney, and recover spirits. The vitamin and mineral substance contained in an ounce of wheat powder equals that of a kilo of fresh vegetables and fruit. Wheat grass contain a majority of vitamin and mineral substance necessary to the health of human body including B12. Wheat grass is rich in protein, various protease and a large amount of chlorophyll.

Boost Your Energy:

  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Help Sleep
  • Facilitate Blood Circulation


Improve Your Health:

  • Strengthen hematopoietic function, regulate blood pressure and blood glucose.
  • Adjust your body weight naturally.
  • Improve your digestive function
  • Keep your skin, tooth, eyes, muscle and joint healthy.
  • Strengthen the function of heart, liver, digestive tract, lung and reproductive organ.
  • Help to cure the infection, scar and ulceration of skin, oral cavity and viscera.


Recover Spirit:

  • Slow down aging process through increasing the oxygen uptake of blood.
  • Rich in calcium – keep joint healthy, get rid of cramp.
  • Rich in amino acid, help to keep spiritual healthy.
  • Clean up the toxin in body.
  • Help to fix natural DNA.
  • Strengthen immunologic function and defense mechanism.
  • Containing anti-cancer substances.


Our wheat grass is processed from wheat seed to powder under strict operating procedure. Selected natural wheat seed grows in the soil rich in mineral substance, irrigated with deep underground water, exposed to plentiful sunlight, harvested at the time when it is rich with nutrition, cleansed with underground water after meticulous selection, and then squeezed it for juice. Our wheat grass juice is frozen and dried with the technology of NASA to retain the highest nutritional value without destroying the vitamin and enzymes that is sensitive to heat. All these working procedures determine that wheat grass products can supplement the enzymes, vitamin, mineral substance, amino acid, antioxidant that are necessary to life, replenish your energy and keep healthy.

Our wheat grass tastes just like fresh wheat grass juice. It is processed into the form of powder that can be stored for a long time and provide you with plentiful nutritional value.