(This article is based on the Chinese translation of the contents of the 58th to 60th pages of the fourth volume of the Explore Inquiry Journal in 1998.)

Best Nutritious Food - Wheat Grass

In 1997, doctor Besoza told me that a charity organization sent him a tramp patient. His name is Bonnie Slopp. He has smoked cigarettes and drunk alcohol for long. His skin is rough, his hair is long, he never changes clothes, and he is dirty and smelly. He is fifty-four years old and has lived in the streets of the crowded slums for thirty-six years. If he has money, he may take a shower once every two weeks. He lives by begging and uses most of his money to purchase cigarettes and alcohol of poor quality. He smokes four packages of camel branded cigarettes one day and eats the food salvaged from trash can and fast food restaurant. Occasionally he buys some cheap packaged food.

One year ago, when he met Slopp, his nasopharynx cancer can not be cured by operation. It is so severe that it may cost him his life. At that time, the malignant tumor had grown to the upper side of the upper jaw, symptoms including the brand, swollen middle ear, hearing loss, and the nerve injury, and neck lymphatic disorder. Slopp is so weak that he nearly collapsed. While receiving radiation therapy, Slopp heard of wheat grass from somewhere, and therefore saved his own life.

During treatment, every time before or after Slopp receiving radioactive rays treatment, he will have some wheat grass juice mixed with water in his mouth for one minute to clean every corner of his oral cavity and then swallow the wheat grass juice. This habit not only helps Slopp to complete all the radioactive rays treatment, reduce the tumor and even eliminate it, but also counteract the side effects of radioactive rays. His facial nerve is not numb, salivates normally, no gingival atrophy, no damaged nerve, no rarefaction of bone or other damaged body tissue.

Based on common sense, Slopp's health is poor. It is truly difficult to have him cured when he has nasopharynx cancer. More than that, he is not affected by any side effects of radioactive rays treatment. Why is that? Doctor Besoza said that Slopp uses freeze-drying method to obtain the antioxidant from wheat grass and thus protect his facial nerve, oral cavity, nose and esophageal tissue from being damaged.


Antioxidant Contained in Wheat Grass

Dr. Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hess Health Institute in the heart of Boston, has repeatedly emphasized the excellent quality of antioxidants in wheat grass, neutralizing free radicals and preventing aging diseases. In her 15 Among the works, wheat grass has been mentioned to contain natural antioxidants such as vitamins C, E and carotene. The carotene contained in wheat grass is richer than lettuce, tomato and most vegetables.

1、Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

The vitamin C contained in wheat grass can prevent the damage caused by free radicals. For example, peroxidic nitric acid, which produces hydroxyl radicals, can cause inflammation of the intestines, tissue damage, cell death, and cause various aging diseases. A 1997 study reported that vitamin C can interrupt this phenomenon.

2、Vitamin E

Vitamin E in wheat grass can enhance the body's immunity, especially to enhance the immunity of the elderly. If the elderly has high levels of vitamin E in their plasma, they are not susceptible to infection by infectious diseases. At the same time, they can protect their body functions. In addition to vitamin E, wheat grass also contains trace minerals such as selenium, iron, zinc and copper. Only in the presence of vitamin A, C and trace minerals, and in the case of interaction, will the full effect on the human body.


In 1996, the liquid crystal chromatograph proved that natural carotene is a powerful antioxidant. According to epidemiological research, eating more vegetables and fruits can increase carotenoids in the body and reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases. Carotenoids in wheat grass include not only alpha carrots (both cis and trans isomers), but also beta carotene, which also contains oxygen carotenoids. This ingenious combination of natural carotene can fight cancer. However, the carotenoids produced by the general synthetic method sometimes increase the incidence of cancer.


Wheat Grass Contains Amino Acid

Glutathione prevents gastrointestinal atrophy, spreads bacteria, and is beneficial to the healing of wounds. It allows patients after surgery to recover faster and has no significant changes in body weight. Experiments in animals in the experiment showed that the content of glutathione in the blood of mice containing wheat grass feed was higher than that of mice eating ordinary drinks.

Ophthalmologist Hall said: For many years, I have been advocating the importance of nutrition for vision. I suggest that patients must supplement their three nutrients in food for the health of their eyes. The first grape seed; the second is minerals, especially zinc and selenium; the third is wheat grass with amino acids, at least 17 million people in the United States suffer from the deterioration of the macula, if they can take wheat grass Not only does the macular degeneration not continue, but also saves sight. I have a 70-year-old patient in Los Angeles. I used to take the first row to see the movie. After taking it for six months, I didn't even watch the movie. I need to wear it. I recommend that my patients take wheat grass every day. My own knee is inflamed. After eating wheat grass, I really feel that the disease is much lighter.


Enzyme in Wheat Grass

There are hundreds of effective enzymes in wheat grass, which are very effective in eliminating free radicals including:

Cytochrom oxidase - Cell metabolism and transmission of nutrients

Lipase - break down fat

Protease - protein breakdown

Amylase - digestion of starch

Catalase - breaks down hydrogen peroxide in the blood into water and oxygen

Glutathione Peroxidase - can also decompose hydrogen peroxide

SOD - neutralizing super oxygen free radicals


In short, by taking wheat grass, we can use its enzymes to eliminate the following diseases caused by free radicals.

1、Liver damage caused by drinking




5、Coronary heart disease

6、Stomach upset

7、Macular degeneration


9、Red blood cell damage

10、Traumatic inflammation


Naturopathy of Wheat Grass for Disease

Chlorophyll can be obtained from wheat grass, which has therapeutic effects. At present, many research centers are conducting research. From wheat grass, hundreds of ingredients can be analyzed, including abundant protein, minerals and enzymes. This proves that wheat grass is a nutritious and complete food. The chlorophyll structure is very close to red blood cells, which can increase the hematopoietic function of human body.

According to reports, the successful examples of natural remedies are endless. Dr. Ann Wigmore is a true advocate of wheat grass. She once said that taking wheat grass can not only remove diseases, but also prevent diseases. This is called Green revolution (green body).